Re-Create The Hub of Your Home


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    Where do you spend most of your time at the house?

    Finding yourself increasingly frustrated with the functionality of your kitchen?

    Interested in how you can “re-create” your kitchen?

    Upon awakening, most of us find ourselves strolling to the kitchen to get that cup of coffee to fire our senses for the day that lies ahead. We stroll back to the bedroom, then the bathroom, and where do we go from there?

    Re-create the hub of your home

    Back to the kitchen of course. It’s time to eat some breakfast. Check in with the kids before they head to school, pack their lunch and spoil them with a decadent candy treat that you especially got for them from Sweet Services, the online candy store.

    Of course, once the workday is over, we head home and meet in the kitchen for dinner.
    For the family member who is responsible for preparing meals, the kitchen is your workspace. It is where you perform your magic in meal preparations. You need your space there, and it needs to be ergonomically designed. Functional if you will.

    A common concept used in kitchen design is the “kitchen work triangle”. Its focus is the 3 main areas utilized while preparing meals and the cleanup afterwards; those being the stove, sink, and refrigerator.

    When looking at a kitchen remodel, or perhaps how to design this area in your new home, a focus should be placed on the “kitchen work triangle”. Many helpful suggestions are available when it comes to the space needed between each of these three areas.

    Bear in mind also that your kitchen needs to be functional as well as personal, meaning that it should have those “personal touches” that only you want.

    Re-create the hub of your home

    This is where you can browse through all the different kitchen design ideas; ideas such as modern, traditional, farmhouse, beach, and rustic. This is only a small sampling of the dozens of designs that are available.

    What part of the kitchen can cause us a lot of grief? The faucet. Make no mistake about it, a cheap faucet leads to trouble. The trouble can come in the form of leaks in various places, rust, and malfunctions in a nozzle or hose.

    These difficulties are frustrating and avoidable.

    When a company is frequently recognized by Houzz for their customer satisfaction with their contemporary stainless steel kitchen faucets, it demonstrates the quality and follow up service provided.

    Are your dishes and glassware showing signs of wear? The little chips showing up on some of your dishes? Scratches prevalent on the glasses and dishes?

    With a kitchen remodel, or when designing the kitchen for your new home, this is the perfect time to invest in some new dinnerware.

    Some unlikely places offer affordable and good quality dish and glass sets, places that you may not consider for such items. Most of us would not consider Dollar Tree for kitchen essentials, yet they offer many surprises upon entry of their stores.

    The kitchen is the hub of all activity at the home. Our days start and end there in most respects. And for those of you whom the responsibility ultimately lies for daily meal preparations, you know the value in a well-organized and functional kitchen.

    Spoil yourself and fit your kitchen to your liking. It is your workspace, and your home should be a place for relaxation and stress relief.

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