Recreation Center, Nauen / nps tchoban voss and Hager Partner

Recreation Center, Nauen / nps tchoban voss and Hager Partner
Aerial view // Image © nps tchoban voss

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Located on the corner of Bredower Weg/Karl-Thon-Straße in Nauen, Germany, an old facility will be replaced by a new design with multi-functional spaces, offering the visitors to use all year around, won the first prize in a limited design competition.

For the new addition, two amorphous structures connected by a flat roof form the single-story gatehouse and offer a defined entrance area to the outdoor swimming pool and the green area. Their curved shape and their coloring in various shades of green blend in smoothly with the surroundings. The placement of the composition is slightly elevated and this way can be easily seen approaching from the city center. The northern building includes public services like a refectory, an information center, a wellness area and a food counter; all of them separately accessible from the street. Tickets counter, changing room and an area for the storage and the staff members are incorporated in the slightly smaller structure located on the south.

The building façade is built of prefabricated wood frames with triple glazing and exterior solar shading or insulated timber panels in the closed areas. For the inner support structure a disguised timber frame was chosen. The indoor characteristics are placed on a rectangular grid. The construction of the roof is based on molded laminated wood beams with an insulated extensively greened roof.

The new arrangement of the facility with hedges separating the green from the outdoor pool allows for public use during the winter. A multipurpose playing field includes, a ping-pong table, children’s playground, volleyball and mini-golf complete the ensemble.

Project Details:
Location: Naeun, Germany
Type: Public
Client: Stadtkontor Gesellschaft für behutsame Stadtentwicklung mbH
GFA: 900 m²
Service stages: competition
Architects: nps tchoban voss
Architect: Sergei Tchoban, Architekt BDA
Project partner and leader: Karsten Waldschmidt
Team: Guido Kall, Jan Lisner, Stefan Petro
Collaboration: Hager Partner AG, Berlin


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