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10 Best Wood Stove Fans of 2022 | Reviews + Guide

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Best Monitors For Architects

12 Best Monitors For Architects and Artists in 2022 | Reviews & Buying Guide

To be honest, one of the things that can make or break design projects is a monitor.  While ...



8 Best Mouse for CAD Software Users | 2022 CAD Mouse Reviews


Top Calculators: Best Scientific Calculator for Engineering & Architecture Students in 2022


11 Best Radiant Floor Heating Systems of 2022


13 Best Axes of 2022 | Buyer’s Guide and Reviews

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Anton G.

13 Best Mechanical Pencils | Reviews + Guide

Mechanical pencils are incredibly versatile tools that can be used for a variety of purposes. ...

Anton G.

Rotring 500 vs 600 Comparison Review

If you’re looking to purchase a new mechanical pencil, there’s a good chance that you’ve ...

Anton G.

Rotring 500 vs 600 vs 800 | Comparison Review

Be it for drafting, writing or sketching – mechanical pencils are game changers when it ...

Anton G.

Uni Kuru Toga Vs Zebra Delguard | Comparison

For draftsmen, architects, or designers searching for the best mechanical pencils, there are numerous options ...

Anton G.

Rotring 800 VS Pentel GraphGear 1000 | Comparison Review

Rotring and Pentel manufacture the best mechanical pencils on the market, specifically designed for artists, ...

Anton G.

Staedtler 925 Vs Rotring 600 | Comparison Review

If you ask me, mechanical pencils are definitely an upgrade over conventional wooden pencils. I ...

Anton G.

6 Best Rotring Pencil | Reviews + Guide

If you know about mechanical pencils, you’d know how Rotring has been among the market ...

Anton G.

Rotring 600 Vs 800 | Comparison Review

Rotring offers some of the best mechanical pencils for students, artists, architects, and more.  Despite ...

Anton G.

Pentel Graphgear 1000 vs 500 | Comparison Review

GraphGear 1000 and GraphGear 500 are two of the best-selling mechanical pencils on the market. ...

Anton G.

Rotring 300 Mechanical Pencil Review

Though traditional writing instruments have their own charm, the convenience of mechanical pencils is undeniable. ...

Anton G.

Rotring Tikky Mechanical Pencil Review

Mechanical pencils position themselves as a natural evolution of writing instruments that have been a ...

Anton G.

Staedtler Silver Series Drafting Mechanical Pencil Review

When you need to be precise while writing or working on a drawing, you’ll need ...

Anton G.

Modern Fuel Mechanical Pencil Review

The mechanical pencil market showcases some of the most innovative products ever produced in the ...

Anton G.

Pilot The Shaker Mechanical Pencil Review

If you work for hours in a workshop marking measurements with a ruler, you need ...

Anton G.

Rotring 600 Mechanical Pencil Review

Mechanical pencils offer several advantages over regular ones. They don’t need to be sharpened, have ...

7 Best Mid Century Modern Office Chair | Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Mid century modern office chair

Looking to replace your office chair with something more stylish? Mid-century modern office chairs can be an excellent option, offering an attractive appeal and a high level of comfort. These chairs take inspiration from the design ideas prevalent between the 1930s and 1970s, becoming incredibly popular after the war.  The mid century design is minimalistic, …

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10 Best Floor Gaming Chair | Reviews + Guide

Video game room interior concept in flat cartoon design. Huge monitor on wall, music speakers, armchairs bags, table with joysticks, decor and lighting. Vector illustration horizontal background

Is a sore back preventing you from enjoying your gaming sessions to the fullest?  Or does your recliner feel too hard to sit on during a long and absorbing game? Either way, a good floor gaming chair will be the best replacement for such recliners or regular chairs.  It comes with enough features to facilitate …

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Dual Monitor Stand Dell MDS19 Review + Guide

Dual monitor stand dell

The Dual Monitor Stand Dell MDS19 comes with a neat design, offering more desk space and a better viewing distance. It is easy to install without needing any tools. However, it’s pretty expensive and doesn’t support monitors larger than 27 inches.  Two monitor panels can take up a lot of your desk space, cluttering your …

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11 Best Wood Filler | Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Putty and trowel for restoration of wooden furniture and surfaces.

A wood filler that can be solvent-based or water-based is a great way to repair any damage or rotten wooden objects. Usually, it comprises glue and sawdust, which make it wood-like in appearance, and also provide it with excellent adhesive properties. It is an effective tool for cleaning up wooden furniture without damaging the overall …

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9 Best Upholstery Steam Cleaners | Reviews + Guide

Woman vacuums the gray sofa with a washing vacuum cleaner. Cleaning and cleanliness concept.

As we all know, attractive furniture always adds to the aesthetic appeal of a home. So, keeping the furniture clean is of utmost importance.  If you’re thinking of replacing your favorite armchair because of a stubborn coffee stain, consider using some cleaning tricks and a steam cleaner before completely discarding it. Indeed, any good steam …

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5 Best Stationary Vacuums of 2022 [Buyer’s Guide]

Best stationary vacuum

Even after you’re done with the daily cleaning work around the home, are you confident that the rooms are spotless? Surely not, because irrespective of how careful you are, there will be horizontal lines of dirt, pet dander, small food bits, and other particles left behind. And getting rid of them won’t be so easy, …

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12 Best Stainless Skillet to Enjoy Today

Best stainless skillets

What comes to your mind while thinking about the one cookware that should be present in everyone’s kitchen? A stainless steel skillet! Nothing can beat a great skillet, as it helps you whip up everything from a full course meal to a quick breakfast. Hence, it’s necessary to find the right one for every kitchen. …

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9 of the Best Smart Pens for Artists Right Now

Best smart pens for artists

What if we tell you, that smartpens along with being pocket-friendly are capable of being user-friendly as well? Sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it? For all budding talent, we bring them a handpicked catalog of 9 of the best smartpens for artists in the field of digital stylus. Modernising traditional handmade sketches or …

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