Rewinding Architecture – Dragan Krstevski

Rewinding Architecture - Dragan Krstevski

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Architecture is probably the only art you cannot escape, said Dragan Krstevski. He probably is right. He also remarked that architecture has strong links in time and space. But what happens when those links get lost? Dragan is guiding us through a historical story, which shows architectural similarities between London and Skopje, which gradually get lost through time. He shows how those links got lost, and shows us what happens when architecture goes on a detour from the path to the future, back to the past.

Dragan Krstevski was born in Skopje (Macedonia) where he graduated with distinction at the Faculty of Architecture, University Ss. Cyril and Methodius. His high school graduation thesis was about the master plan by Kenzo Tange for Skopje after the earthquake in 1963 and his university graduation project was an Architectural Centre for Skopje.

Source: TEDx


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