Richard Meier on the Buildings He Wishes He’d Designed

Richard Meier on the Buildings He Wishes He’d Designed

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Richard meier on the buildings he wishes he’d designed

The architect whose favorite color is the absence of color discusses pasta, Porsches and talking people out of building new houses

When you’ve worked as an architect for half a century, as Richard Meier has, finding new frontiers can be a struggle. The Pritzker Prize-winner, 81, has designed hotels (in recent years, two W properties in Mexico alone); countless oceanfront houses (two on New York’s Fire Island); and many museums, famously the Getty Center, in Los Angeles.

Until recently, though, Mr. Meier had never broken ground in South Korea. He checked that off his list with the newly opened Seamarq Hotel, a towering white complex overlooking the East Sea in the city of Gang-neung. “Our client chose a really magnificent site,” Mr. Meier said from his New York office. “There’s water on basically two sides.” The trademark transparency of his structures lets visitors luxuriate in views at every level.

In an interview, Mr. Meier—who’s produced so many achromatic spaces he rivals Moby-Dick when it comes to branding white—offered insights on an unexpectedly colorful painting in his home, arrogant buildings and the commissions he wishes he’d gotten. […]

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