Saving Napa’s Earthquake-Damaged Buildings with 3D Laser Scanning

Saving Napa’s Earthquake-Damaged Buildings with 3D Laser Scanning

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Saving napa’s earthquake-damaged buildings with 3d laser scanning

Earthquakes pose a major threat to California’s cultural heritage. Their ability to cause irreparable damage became reality in August 2014 when a 6.0 quake struck the City of Napa. Within days there was talk about the demolition of the historic structures damaged by the quake. […] […] Within a few days of the earthquake the founder of a local 3D imaging company, Shari Kamimori, offered her company’s services to help save the city’s threatened heritage. While the immediate post-disaster recovery and the work from the field team played a vital role in saving damaged structures, the use of 3D laser scanning offered the best hope for capturing buildings that were at risk for demolition. The scanning also served as a valuable preservation tool for buildings proposed for deconstruction, which is the careful dismantling and storing of a building for a later use.

The 3D scan provided a safe and quick solution for potential restoration, rehabilitation, and preservation by capturing thousands of points a second and creates a virtual photograph of the object that it scans. This superhero technology quickly became the designer tool in Napa after earthquake during a time of when some were reacting quickly with the call for demolition. []


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