Seattle to expand their sharing bike system

Seattle to expand their sharing bike system

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Seattle to expand their sharing bike system

The City of Seattle 2016 Proposed Budget allocates significant funding to support the expansion of the city’s bike share stations and fleet, serving a much greater geographic area, if approved. Of the $5.1 billion Proposed Budget, $5 million is dedicated to fund the expansion of Pronto bike share with the potential to leverage an additional $10 million through federal grants.

Operated by Motivate, Pronto launched in Seattle in October 2014 and presently has 500 bikes with 7 speeds across 54 stations located in Seattle’s densest areas including Downtown, Capitol Hill, South Lake Union and the University District. The City’s former budget recognized the value of extending the coverage of bike share, allocating $50,000 of General Fund money for a feasibility study for expansion into the southeast of Seattle. Although the former budget also included plans to expand bike share into the Central District in 2015, this has been delayed. The proposed budget, coupled with the federal grant application, supports additional stations and bikes, composed of an electric bicycle fleet for the entire system, establishing a strong commitment to elevating the complementary role of bike share to other modes as part of Seattle’s transportation network.

Transportation is listed as a priority of the Proposed Budget, with population and job growth having presented immense challenges for commuters. With the pending expiration of the Bridging the Gap transportation levy causing some concern for Seattle Department of Transportation funding streams, the expansion of bike share in the proposed budget is notable. […]


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