Sell Your House With These Insider Tips

    Sell Your House With These Insider Tips

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    Sell Your House With These Insider Tips

    Selling your house is a huge deal. Not only do you want to get the best possible price, but you also need a quick sale so that the money is in your bank and you can begin relaxing in your new place.

    You loved your house and bought it as soon as you had viewed it. But now you’ve come to sell, it’s not moving quite so fast (and not attracting the price you know it should) It’s a good size and is well looked after, so why isn’t are you having such troubles?

    It’s probably easier to rectify than you think. Follow these simple tips, and you will be on the right track to building the foundations of your new life and selling that house!


    This is so important! First impressions for buyers count, and nothing will drive a sale away faster than a house that looks uncared for. If you know you have a house viewing, prepare your house as if the Queen of England was visiting (no dirty dishes lying around!).

    Over the years, it is natural for our homes to attract mess, whether that be kids’ toys or the dreaded garage. If you have already bought a new place, move as much stuff over as possible to help your selling property feel bigger.
    If you still live in the house, it would be worth investing in storage units to help keep your clutter tidy.

    Purchasing a house is one of the biggest commitments in life, and people tend to take a lot of care when doing so.

    If you have ever read a good house for sale flyer, you will know just how effective they can be at clinching a sale (or at least guaranteeing a viewing). Paying to have flyers professionally developed can pay dividends in the long run, and you are guaranteed to see a rise in the number of house viewings that will be arranged following flyer distribution.

    Just take heed of point one and make sure your house is decluttered for viewings!

    Handle that garden

    If you are lucky enough to be selling a house that has a garden, it is time to don the gardening gloves. Even with no prior experience, anybody can become a green thumb for the weekend (it can be a lot of fun too).

    You don’t need to plant a lot of flowers or even learn anything about them; just get rid of those pesky weeds and give the grass a good trim. Sweeping your paths can help the “clean feel,” and this is important for the garden as it is the feature that most people will see first.

    And there are no excuses! If you have back pain or joint problems, you can even buy weed-killer and save yourself the time of doing much work at all; simply sprinkle onto weeds and watch them disappear.

    Selling your house can be a stressful time, but it doesn’t need to be. You can use these tips, along with hard work and motivation, as the building blocks to help speed up the process and quickly settle into your new lives.


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