Seven Exterior Design Lessons You Should Know

Seven exterior design lessons you should know

When visitors come to your home, the setting of the exterior will determine their first impression about your home. You don’t want a mediocre and dull exterior that will not make any fascinating impression to the eyes.

To have a fascinating exterior, you must follow some principles of design. Hence, we present you seven exterior design lessons that you should know.

1. Landscaping Is Essential

You need to have well-placed plants that add that awe-inspiring appeal to your home, making it stand out among other homes. When choosing plants for landscaping you should only use native plants as exotic plants might need specialized temperatures and soils.

You also need patience as plants take time to establish. Part of having your yard looking fresh comes through having sprinklers throughout your yard. Although, sometimes when keeping the grass mowed you can accidentally damage a sprinkler and should have a suitable sprinkler repair services in your area that you can reply upon to get you back on track .

2. Exterior Color Combinations

Color choice is an integral consideration in any decoration, as it can hide flaws or done badly, draw attention to flaws. You can use lighter and darker shade of color for most of the house and a third variation to accent the color of the doors.

3. Choosing the Right Roof

There’s more to choosing a roof that just deciding on color and aesthetics. You also need to consider cost, weight, durability, as well as what suits your home design best.

For instance, material like tile and slate may seem ideal, but they are normally very heavy. Asphalt shingles are a common choice of roofing material, as they are quite affordable and easy to install.

4. House Materials and Textures

When it comes to choosing materials to use on your home’s exterior, it’s advisable to balance durability with aesthetics. The exterior of your home should actually reflect your personal style.

If you are a country guy, for instance, you may go for cedar shingles and tumbled stones. Likewise, a modern minimalist could prefer simple wood panels or the lines of sleek steel.

5. Choosing Garage Doors

Garage doors are also a part of our homes style statement. When it comes to choosing garage doors, you need to have good knowledge in the following:

● Safety features
● The doors’ insulating properties
● Material durability and spring designs
● Cost
● Warranties

Once you’re past these essential features, then you can choose the garage door style that best suits your home design.

6. Light up Your Home

Seven exterior design lessons you should know

Proper lighting is essential for home safety and night-time appeal. You should go for lights that blend with your home’s style.

For instance, traditional homes look splendid with lantern-style chandeliers flanking the garage or hanging over a covered entryway. Likewise, angular steel lights can add appeal to the entryway of a modern home.

7. Choosing the Right Windows

Home windows are much more than functional. First, your preferred windows should be durable. Secondly, they must reflect your home’s character.

Whereas modern homes look great with floor-to-ceiling windows, a traditional home may look fabulous with symmetrically positioned, white-paned, rectangular windows, regardless if it’s in your living room, dining room with your magnificent dining table and chairs, or even your bathroom matching your modern bathroom sink.

Here are other factors to consider:

● UV rating
● Proper ventilation
● Privacy
● Outdoor views
● Ease of cleaning


When enhancing your home, one of the essential things to consider is the exterior design. You don’t want a dull exterior that doesn’t appeal to the eyes. The above tips will help you come up with a fascinating exterior for your home.

Which style will you use when you are updating your homes exterior?

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