Share House Funabashi / Kasa Architects

Share house funabashi / kasa architects
© Ikunori Yamamoto

Project Details:
Location: Funabashi, Chiba, Japan
Type: Residential
Site Area: 830.48 sqm
; Building Area: 11285.33 sqm
; Gross Floor Area: 394.83 sqm
Architect: shin kasakake / kasa architects
Photographs: ikunori yamamoto

Architect’s Statement:
Mall has spread to areas around plan, the surrounding environment is a small dense region as the scale of the city and 2.0m ~ 4.0m about road width.

In the scale of this city, it is considered that it will lead to smooth the relationship with the city while using the scale of the city, this building large in scale of urban height, frontage, and depth.

Share house funabashi / kasa architects
© Ikunori Yamamoto

First, in order to approach part to enlarge it from the scale of the city and width 6.0m, you have to divide the relationship with the city, the passage portion of about 3.0m by cunning placement planting on both sides, the scale of the city retracted to flow lineup to building, and urban.

Share house funabashi / kasa architects
The library // © Ikunori Yamamoto

While connected to smooth the relationship, planting is also plays a role in the buffer zone of the city. By emphasizing the shape of the existing building volume is horizontally divided by the eaves, and close to the scale of the city building volume, facade design is a design that the building itself is snuggle up in the town in this region scale of the city is small.

Share house funabashi / kasa architects
© Ikunori Yamamoto

In contrast to various natural materials of wood, etc. to finish, share House of conventional type and An often to finish décor minerals, common areas, proprietary parts, design a lot of people feel like the nostalgia somewhere was designed to think that it is becomes a comfortable space that can be and, to send the daily life people who inhabit while feel the comfort.

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