Shenzhen Bay “Super City” – Proposal by UA Studio7

Shenzhen Bay

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Shenzhen bay "super city" - proposal by ua studio7

According to the latest Shenzhen City Master Plan, the Central Shenzhen Bay region will become the most important pole in Shenzhen and Hong Kong metropolitan area. The planning goal is to create in the Shenzhen Bay a world-class city center, “super headquarters base”, “major economic center”, “super regional environment” and “super city image” being the key words of the design bid.

Shenzhen bay "super city" - proposal by ua studio7

The architects used three design techniques to achieve their goal:
1.In order to free up as much space as possible at the street level for the public, most of the required area is organized into three super high rise towers. The towers merge together both at the upper levels through a sky bridge and in the underground.

Shenzhen bay "super city" - proposal by ua studio7

2.The ecology efficiency of the development was increased by integrating the city park in a eco-merging system,connecting the levels by sunken galleries, rain gardens and planted floating bridges.

Shenzhen bay "super city" - proposal by ua studio7

3. Over the analysis of its demographic and social situation, we found that Shenzhen is a typical “immigrant” city, with a high proportion of young people living and working there. With this in mind, we tried to design a new type of development, a vibrant city where various functions like working, living, culture and entertainment merge together.

Project Details:

Location: Shenzhen Bay, China
Type: Competition Entry
Client: Shenzhen Urban Planning and Land Resources Committee
Design Team: UA Studio7
Project Director: Shi Zhesong
Project Manager: Zhou Jun Gang
Team members: Li Changlong, Cai Yanhong, Yu Cheng, Mazhen Long, Tang Xiaolei, Mahin
Land area: 35.2 ha
Building area: 1,500, 000 -1,700, 000 square meters
Design: March – June 2014


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