Shigeru Ban to Deploy Emergency Shelters in Nepal

Shigeru Ban to Deploy Emergency Shelters in Nepal

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Shigeru ban to deploy emergency shelters in nepal

Pritzker Prize Laureate Shigeru Ban has announced plans to contribute to emergency relief efforts in Nepal after the April 25 earthquake reduced cities to rubble, killed more than 7,000, and left thousands homeless.

In the short term, Ban’s firm and his relief organization Voluntary Architects’ Network (VAN) will distribute simple tents—supplemented with plastic sheets donated by contractors to serve as wall partitions—and assemble them onsite as temporary shelter and medical aid stations.

As conditions in the country begin to stabilize, VAN says it will team up with local universities, students, and architects to build other types of transitional housing and community facilities, working with prototypes Ban’s firm has developed in other emergency situations. The organization expects to start building permanent structures in the coming months.

“There are some projects which we had done and we will approach with our experiences for the recovery of Nepal,” the firm wrote on its website. []


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