Simple Tips To Implement The Nordic Interior Design Style

Simple tips to implement the nordic interior design style

Nordic design is analogous to modernism, which follows simplicity and function and emphasizes the use of natural materials such as wood and leather through innovative techniques but at a very reasonable price. The golden age of Nordic design occurred from the 1930s until the 1970s.

Characteristics of Nordic design are as follows:

  • Functionality
  • Clean, simple lines
  • Elegance
  • Seamless craftsmanship

Many design experts consider Nordic design as minimalist. The technique uses simple lines with the goal of being highly functional. Also referred to as democratic design, Nordic design aims to provide products that are easily accessible to the people and at a very affordable price.

Simplicity and elegance are the main characteristics in creating a Nordic-inspired interior. To be able to achieve that look into your homes, here are some tips that can help you incorporate a Nordic feel in your home interior design:


You would often see that with this kind of design, wood is the material of choice. Wood is used entirely on all floors of the house except the bathroom. In order to prevent what seems to make the house look stiff or rigid, put crown moldings inside your home.


Nordic-inspired homes use white walls and muted colors of pink, blue and grey textiles. White looks simple yet can make a small space look bigger.

A typical white colored interior may be seen on Nordic-inspired homes. However recently, adding bolder hues has become a trend.


A typical Nordic-inspired home makes use of wooden flooring. Some people would use all-natural wood color, while some want the floor painted in white to match the walls and ceilings. White wooden floors provide a more open and airy space, which gives it a relaxing feeling.

Wall to wall carpeting is not typical for this kind of design, because minimalist and clutter-free design is the ultimate aim.


Having the right amount of light that goes into a Nordic home is important. This does not necessarily mean installing chandeliers or wall scones. Instead, let natural light come in by using large windows.


Keeping in mind simplicity and elegance in a Nordic-inspired design, a sectional sofa gives any room a more relaxed feel.

Another great example of Nordic-style furniture is a simple, elegant and comfortable bedroom piece. A futon-like bed with low head board made from durable materials might be the best value-for-money item that you may use in your Nordic-designed home.

Form and function

There is no place in a Nordic-inspired home that is not useful. Every little piece that is placed in the design needs to be given a unique style that a homeowner’s personality may be identified to, while at the same time being useful for the homeowner. In other words, a Nordic-inspired home needs to be clutter-free.

While it follows minimalist design, using Nordic interior design does not mean refusing any modern art into the overall design. You may do so, but use those that are both minimalistic and functional. When push comes to shove, always choose function over form.


The choice of light fixtures is as simple as choosing the furniture. Nordic-inspired homes use simple and classic designs for illuminating their homes. They stay away from using dangling crystals or elaborate lighting fixtures.

Thinking of how to design your homes should be based on several factors, including convenience, comfort, simplicity, low maintenance, and functional spaces. A typical clutter-free Nordic home with white walls, ceiling and floor and with simple and comfortable rooms is a place that you should want to go home to after a very stressful day at work.

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