Simple Ways To Save Space In Your Home

When your family grows it is normal to end up at one point in time when available storage space is way too small.

Simple Ways To Save Space In Your Home

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Simple ways to save space in your home

When your family grows it is normal to end up at one point in time when available storage space is way too small. You will choose something like Alhambra storage units to put in all the extra but after some time this is not going to be enough as you would have to get a new storage unit since you have new possessions. What many homeowners do not understand is that essential furniture items, shelves and cabinets can hold much more than what we are used to when installed properly. If you want to save more space in your home, here are some great tips that you will want to know about.

Space Saving Storage Tips

  • Use benches, coffee tables and ottomans that feature interior storage – Instead of the regular ones you see in the magazines, getting some that will cost around the same and feature extra storage space helps you to save a lot.
  • Put your bookcases next to furniture or behind your sofa – This is useful since the bookcases can actually double as a table and offer storage at the same time.
  • Turn your hallway into storage space – Few homeowners use their hallway as a storage space. This is a shame since all you need in many cases is to have hooks to hang hats, coats, pots and sometimes even pans.
  • Use magnetic strips – These can be used in the bedroom, in a shop, in an office or in the kitchen. They are really useful to hang metallic objects like office supplies, jewelry, tools and knives.
  • Hang bikes on walls – When you do this you free up a large part of your entryway. Metal wall-mounts are really cheap and a wooden model can even double as a great looking bookshelf.
  • Modify cabinets to include litter trays or pet beds – When you have a pet you surely want it to have great living conditions. This helps you to achieve just that.

Saving Space In Your Bedroom Or Your Living Room

Most homeowners know how to save space in many of the rooms around the home but when it comes to the living room or the bedroom not much is known. Because of this, you could always save time with the following:

  • Upholster flat table tops – Alternatively, you can also use some removable outdoor pads. These offer extra seating space.
  • Use coffee tables or shelves as bedside tables – Even a thin shelf will be able to hold your coffee cup and your favorite book.
  • Loft bedroom beds – Place a vanity or a desk under your bed to get increased vertical storage space.
  • Buy corner shelves – These are going to neatly fit into corners you almost never use for storage, offering much more storage space than what many expect.
  • Buy beds with drawers – Clothing and linens could easily be stored in these drawers.


As you can see, some pretty simple decisions can help you to get free storage space you thought you did not have. Why not take advantage of something like this?


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