Singapore’s ‘sky garage’ looks to drive luxury demand

Singapore's 'sky garage' looks to drive luxury demand

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Singapore's 'sky garage' looks to drive luxury demand

It’s a conundrum only the very wealthiest Singaporeans need worry about.

Where should you park your multi-million dollar sports car when you live in a luxury apartment block?

The ambitious Hamilton Scotts residential building in the tiny Asian city-state seeks to aim high when answering this question.

The property’s standout feature is the “parking lot in the sky” — a flash characteristic that enables residents to bring their vehicles into the center of their homes no matter which floor they live on.

“Basically the way we conceived the parking lot in the sky was that you would park your beloved toy … and it (would) became part of the living room ensemble,” said Calvin Sim Chen-Min, the project’s director.

The aim is for the car to be “almost a piece of furniture that from the living room you could admire like a piece of artwork,” he added. []


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