Smart cities will be necessary for our survival

Smart cities will be necessary for our survival

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Smart cities will be necessary for our survival

If you’re travelling around Helsinki in 2016, the city’s new Mobility-as-a-Service initiative will allow you to simply buy a “mobility” ticket to your destination via text message or app, and the service will plan the ideal route from your starting point, combining public transport, on-demand services and private vehicles.

“The price of transport may vary, for instance, based on time or comfort level,” says Sampo Hietanen, CEO of Intelligent Transport Systems Finland, and head of the project.

The big idea: all public and private transport options will converge around you to get you home — on-demand mini-buses called Kutsuplus will deviate according to an optimal route, dropping you off to a public bus stop or a taxi or bike rank. “The city delivers a service to get you home, but it’s agnostic to transport type,” says John Gibson, director of government innovation at Nesta, who recently completed a study ranking the world’s most innovative cities. […]

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