SOGA – Sounds of Gaia / casaPública

SOGA - Sounds of Gaia / casaPública

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Soga - sounds of gaia / casapública

SOGA, Sounds of Gaia, is a sound healing center located in Jiutepec, Morelos, Mexico. It accommodates, in a 3,000 sq. m. plot and 1,500 sq. m. construction, an ecumenical forum / temple dedicated to sound, a professional sound recording studio, an outdoors forum, therapy rooms, coffee shop, store, offices and sleeping rooms.

Soga - sounds of gaia / casapública

One of the client’s desires for the conceptual design was that the figures and location of elements were to interpret and use sacred geometry, alignment to constellations and stars, numbers and energetic centers, as well as universal accessibility and a high sustainable goals.

Soga - sounds of gaia / casapública

It’s architecture accomplishes an integrated design creating a scheme that searches a good solar and wind passive design and performance and optimizes functionality. The project has a selection of local material with an earthly character, balanced with nature and respect for the environment.

The landscape was design with local endemic plants, including a productive garden which will supply the coffee shop. It also has a green roof that helps regulate temperature.

Soga - sounds of gaia / casapública

We added renewable technologies to water and electricity management. Water: low consumption devices, rain harvesting, reuse, filters and water treatment plants. Energy: low consumption, natural lighting and solar photovoltaic panels and solar water heating.

Project Details:
Location: Jiutepec Morelos, México
Type: Public
Constructed Area: 1500 m2
Landscape: 1500 m2
Architects: casaPública (Pamela Moreno Caballero/ Patricio Guerrero)
Collaborators: Jair Valdez, Amaury Sentíes, Geovanna Preciado, Fernando Resendiz, Sebastián Gnaedig, Ernesto Escudero, Jessica Arias, Ernesto Rivera,Paolo González, Lorena Ruiz, Alejandra Hernández, Anna Salcedo, Rodrigo Durán


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