The Solar Roof – How Elon Musk Is Influencing Architecture While Saving the World


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Tesla’s Elon Musk has been changing the world for the better, one roof at a time with ‘Steel Pulse’.

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Late in 2016 August, Elon Musk personally tested the efficiency of his (then) new found solar roof technology on a user’s home. Tesla had always been known to have higher product standard, but this one in particular needed to be special. Elon Musk thought, “What if the roof can also be made to look better while offering more durability and simultaneously taking care of the energy needs of the home?” Well, the ‘Steel Pulse’ was born and today, the once prototype is already a market ready product that is being incorporated into modern and sustainable homes. While traditional solar panels were needed to be mounted atop roofs in shingles, Elon Musk’s technology ensures that the roof itself in energy generating. So, the final product is a roof that looks anything like normal but with embedded generators (solar cells) that increases the efficiency.

The Steel Pulse went through several subsequent transformations and today, we have a product that can be an incredible part of our lives.

The solar panels that go on to make the Solar Roof are designed to look just like normal roof tiles, while being able to produce the same rate of energy as any competing product and simultaneously improving the aesthetics of the space. Solar roofing has for a long time been on a consistent growth trajectory. As the world’s energy needs are increasing, people are looking for more sustainable and cheaper ways to generate the same. Tesla’s Solar Roofs is certainly a beautiful way to reach out to the masses and redefines the basics of residential solar energy. Until now, the problem with solar roofing adoption has been the awareness. But now that Elon Musk himself is up for the challenge, capturing the attention and making people interested has got easier!

The solar roof – how elon musk is influencing architecture while saving the world

The need for Solar Roofing

Regardless of where you are in this planet of ours, climate change has been a major concern for more than a decade now. In the coming years, we have to find ways to adapt to sustainable lifestyle practices. The next generation of homeowners are thankfully aware but at the same time want something low profile, an integrated solution that will seamlessly integrate with their homes. Thanks to Elon Musk again, the Solar Roof also offers easy replacement and installation. Integrated solar roofing technology will also help the homeowner meet his/her energy needs and save on energy costs on a longer run.

Industry research suggests that the worldwide solar installations saw an all time high in the year 2015 at US$ 197 billion from a US$ 67 billion in 2009. In 2015, solar roofing had been critical to producing about 1% of the energy requirement of the world and that’s a considerable amount.

Solar power also addresses the concern for rising pollution from traditional means of electricity generation, including oil and coal. With developing technology, this indeed will become a more attractive, incentivizing and consequently, a thoroughly adopted practice. Tesla’s innovation just brings us closer to becoming a sustainable world.

The solar roof – how elon musk is influencing architecture while saving the world

The advantages of solar roofing

Summing up, the advantages of solar roofing include:

  • Saves your money, as much as US$100/month
  • Saving from day one – paying as you go
  • A low period for payback
  • Increases the value of your home
  • Offers you the option to sell extra energy
  • A secure investment
  • Guarantee of performance
  • Doing your bit for the environment
  • Being energy independent
  • An easy way to access electricity

Tesla solar roof glass tile options

How does solar roofing transform into integrated architecture?

At the Solar City sponsored by Elon Musk, solar roofing compliments the home architecture while at the same time; it helps turn sunlight into usable electricity. Energy that is collected throughout the day is available to use any time, thus turning your home roof into personal utility. These are special tiles that have been unveiled by Solar City and Tesla following their merger. They come as glass tiles and cleverly hide the solar cells using a colored film. From outside, it would be very hard to distinguish these roofs from normal ones.

Further, these architectural styles come in four designs: Tuscan, textured, smooth and slate, allowing home to generate all the energy required for a typical day. Elon Musk is also working on a louver technology that will further increase the efficiency of the tiles wherein sunlight will be reflected back to the cells.

As homeowners and architects, the Solar Roof is certainly a way of thinking forward to create modern homes. As a smart solution, it will help us contribute out bit for the environment and make this world a greener and safer place to live in. the use of renewable energy resource has been long preached but it already time that we start acting before it is too late. Solar Roof technology helps save the earth’s non renewable resources along with the man-made destruction it brings along.

Easy to install, Elon Musk’s Solar roofing tiles can be worked upon even by traditional roofers. It’s the same way one would establish a tiled roof for their home. Connected to a circuit, you can forget it for a lifetime of convenience! For Musk ‘the goal is to make solar panels as attractive and appealing as electric car technology’. Solar Roof does look way better than alternative products and being available in a variety of designs, you are never really out of option when it comes to design.

So, the next time you are planning a home or pitching a blueprint to a client, integrate solar roofs into the scheme and bring your bit of change to this world! Certain service providers such as Westchase Roofing promote relentlessly sustainable home designs and architectural technology thus pushing comfort further. What do you think about the solar roof ?

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