Straight Shaft vs. Curved Shaft Trimmer [Guide & Winner]

Lawn trimmers come in many shapes and varieties. However, people tend to use the first trimmer off the shelf as it is convenient to do so. 

That is because we sometimes don’t know that trimmers too are built with care and precision to give the best output possible for the lawn. Forget anyone else, do you go into the details of the kind of shaft trimmer best suited for your yard? 

Any regular trimmer can usually be used to trim weeds along hard-to-access areas and borders of the lawn. They can also be easily used along the edges of rockscapes. Trimmers can pluck weeds under obstacles in and around the yard as well.  

Usually, the basic varieties fall under straight-shaft and the curved-shaft trimmers. Select the right trimmer for your lawn with our guide. It will take you through the pros and cons of these two primary kinds of trimmers. 

Straight Shaft vs. Curved Shaft Trimmer

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What You Need To Know About String Trimmers?

String trimmers are a helpful resource to have at home for the lawn and yard. Both need particular attention, especially when trimming and weeding them for cleanliness, maintenance, and the look of the place outside your house.

The string trimmer is used to keep the edges of the lawn in shape and weed out excessive growth from time to time. They are instrumental for hard-to-reach places, for example, chain-link fences and under deckings in the yard. 

Moreover, they are made differently to suit the purposes of each lawn and yard that needs tending. In fact, it is the overall design of the string trimmer that varies most noticeably from model to model. 

String trimmers can run on gas as well as electricity. Straight as well as curved shaft trimmers are available in both variants. But first, let us understand what a shaft trimmer is in greater detail in order to make the right choice for the lawn.    

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What is the Shaft Trimmer?

The shaft trimmer is sometimes called the string shaft trimmer. It consists of a motor that connects to a cutting head by way of the shaft. That is true of both the straight as well as curved shaft trimmers. 

Also, you will find the shaft where the throttle and the handle are mounted in both models. A drive cable runs through the shaft that turns the cutting head of the trimmer. The cable is spun with the help of the engine of the shaft trimmer. 

It is significant to note that the drive cable is influenced both by the absence of the curved shaft and equally, by its presence. For instance, in one particular model of the curved shaft trimmer, the drive cable is required to be flexible to adjust to the curve of the shaft. 

Moreover, the cable is in continuous motion in the shaft. It bends and spins to adjust to the curve in the shaft, and while the trimmer is in use. Thus, we see that the durability of the drive cable is affected by the presence or absence of the shaft. 

With the light or moderate utility, this is nothing to be worried about – in terms of the trimmer’s durability. But, that still usually does not stop the professional who uses a trimmer to look for durability in the purchase. We shall look at the features that you should consider before buying a shaft trimmer in this guide. 

Also, we will discuss the importance of the durability of your selection. For now, let us focus on the two significant kinds of trimmers – the straight shaft and the curved shaft trimmers.  

The Straight Shaft & The Curved Shaft Trimmer

The more common trimmer of the two shaft trimmers popular amongst lawn caretakers and homemakers is the straight shaft trimmer. While it can also be used for professional use, the sheer variety available in this range of trimmers makes it easily accessible to everyone. 

However, the curved shaft trimmer has many advantages- especially when it comes to size and weight- that make the average householder invest in this trimmer. We will understand why this is so if we look closely at both the straight shaft and the curved shaft trimmer. 

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The Straight Shaft Trimmer

The design of the straight shaft trimmer is quite functional. It is usually longer than curved shaft trimmers and has more reach in the lawn and the yard. Tall people might find it more comfortable to work with the straight shaft trimmer in the long run. There would undoubtedly be less strain on the back for them with the longer shaft. 

Also, technically, a level drive line maintained on the straight shaft during trimming and weeding will generate less vibration. If there is a lower-gear reduction, the straight shaft will indeed create more torque.

Overall, we are saying that the straight shaft trimmer will be more comfortable to use in the lawn and yard in the long run. And it is more capable of handling attachments while being far more flexible than other trimmers. 

The Curved Shaft Trimmer 

If you see a short shaft on a trimmer, the chances are that you are looking at a curved shaft trimmer. The short shaft makes your purchase a lot lighter than other trimmers. The curved shaft trimmer is easier to use due to its weight, consequently making it preferable for jobs that require longer hours. 

The make of the curved shaft trimmer is such that it gives a sense of balance when you operate it in the lawn and yard. For some people, this is a boon as they can easily maneuver the trimmer to cut and weed as required. 

Curved shaft trimmers are preferred by people who have small lawns and gardens. Due to its size, length, and weight, the curved shaft might suit shorter people who work in their lawns and yards a lot more than the straight shaft trimmer. 

Choose the curved shaft trimmer if you require minor trimming in order to manage the lawn and yard without any trouble. Finally, curved shaft trimmers are modestly priced and can fit into your trimming schedule without much effort spent on the maintenance of the trimmer. 

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A Basic Guide To The Two String Shaft Trimmers

What are the basic parameters by which you would try and understand the role of a trimmer in your daily life? It can be pretty easy to overlook the differences between the two main kinds of trimmers available in the market. 

However, this is precisely why we have built an insightful informational guide for you to make a well-informed purchase. We would prefer it if you avoid picking a trimmer for the lawn and the yard off-the-shelf and instead know what you are looking for, before heading to the market. 

Don’t get us wrong; we know you do your research! We want to contribute to that informed decision to bring you the best product in the market suited for your home. After all, doesn’t the lawn demand quite a bit of work? Well, the trimmer will help you navigate through the extra edges and the weeds comfortably. 

So, while choosing between the straight shaft trimmer and the curved shaft trimmer, consider factoring in your comfort with the machine, the versatility of the product range available, and the trimmer’s durability. 

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  1. Personal Comfort

Straight-shaft trimmers and curved-shaft trimmers come in various sizes, lengths, weights, and dimensions. Depending upon how easy a trimmer feels in your hands to the amount of work you have in the lawn – these are all serious factors to consider. 

As we have already mentioned, tall people might prefer straight shaft trimmers, while people who have small lawns and yards could go for the curved shaft trimmer. Since the trimmer has to be used for a considerable period of time, we suggest you keep your comfort with the machine as a top priority. 

Check out the straight shaft and the curved shaft trimmers on all parameters before making your final choice. 

  1. Versatility

There is a wide range of straight shaft trimmers available on the market. They can be used for multiple purposes and are preferred by professionals also. That is a significant advantage for the lawn and yard, as you are pretty likely to find the perfect trimmer for the lawn, given the versatility of the straight shaft trimmer. 

However, the curved shaft trimmer is also quite useful in certain situations. It may not have the range of the straight shaft, but it can be used in a small lawn or a yard. Do prioritize your needs before you explore the two product ranges thoroughly. 

  1. Durability

Giving a thought to the longevity of the parts of the trimmer is quite essential. That is because you have to decide how long the straight shaft or the curved shaft trimmer will last. Keep in mind the wear-and-tear of the trimmer in the lawn or yard before purchase. 

Also, the number of hours of use is vital to estimate. That is how durable the trimmer is going to be for your home. You might find these details in the research on the specific trimmer that has been selected. 

We would suggest you learn all about the two shaft trimmers to bring home the best device available for weeding the lawn. As far as we know, the main reason why people buy the straight shaft is for durability, that is a crucial element of the design of the trimmer. 

But it is not that the curved shaft trimmer cannot be durable; it is really the design of the shaft and the accompanying drive cable that can influence the trimmer’s durability. In most cases, however, the straight shaft trimmer stands out clearly on long term use.

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The straight shaft trimmer wins on account of having all the features that should be considered for effectively trimming lawns or yards. It is a durable product that can be used comfortably both by the lawn enthusiast and the professional. 

Also, the straight shaft has the advantage of reaching places that are hard to weed in the lawn. It is usually better for tall people to use the straight shaft trimmer. However, it is the additional attachments as well as the function which make this trimmer more comfortable to use than the curved one. 

Moreover, the range available in straight shaft trimmers is genuinely diverse. Consider all the options best suited to the lawn and yard before doing so, and pick your favorite straight-shaft trimmer now. 

Good Luck!  

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