Studio Schoot / diederendirrix architects

Studio Schoot / diederendirrix architects

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Studio schoot / diederendirrix architects

By placing most of the communal areas on the first floor, maximum advantage is taken of the panoramic view of the church tower of Oirschot to the front and the sport fields to the back.

Studio schoot / diederendirrix architects

The use of apertures and open connections creates interesting sight lines and relationships which emphasize the spacious character of the building.

Studio schoot / diederendirrix architects

The contrast between the panoramic view to the north-south direction and the orientation of the building to the east-west direction is clearly evident in the facade. In the front and back elevations emphasis is placed on the horizontal and transparent, whilst the smaller openings in the side walls afford mutual privacy between offices.

Studio schoot / diederendirrix architects

The long catwalk forms the middle point of the building. The central hall, running from front to back, connects all of the activities in the building and, via open stairs with space on all sides, creates a link to the first floor. Large sliding walls mark the front entrance and secure the building at night. The wood used to clad the facades will turn grey over time.

Project Details:
Location: Ontwerp, The Netherlands
Type: Offices
Area: 1600m2
Architects: diederendirrix architects



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