Stylish Low-Cost Houses Designed For Singles

Stylish Low-Cost Houses Designed For Singles

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Stylish low-cost houses designed for singles

Ask anyone who’s ever tried to find a rental apartment in densely populated city: It’s terrible. On par with going to the dentist or sitting through a Michael Bay movie marathon with commercials. No! It’s worse than all of that.There are few tasks as soul sucking and disheartening as the apartment hunt.

Some of our most vibrant cities are in the midst of a housing crisis. Rents continue to rise, while wages stay relatively stagnant, save for a select group of people. The average resident of New York City, San Francisco, London, and comparable cities, can no longer afford to live in these there, at least not comfortably. Thinking of living alone? Great idea, see you in Iowa!

It’s not that cities aren’t trying to make it better (New York mayor Bill De Blasio recently signed off on pouring $8.2 billion of public funding for affordable housing), but housing solutions often comes in the form of sprawling projects or concessions begrudgingly made by developers in order to get a building approved. Most of these projects aren’t design centered, mainly because when we’re talking about big sums of money, efficiency trumps atmosphere. ….

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