That Time Donald Trump Tried to Sue a Tribune Architecture Critic Into Oblivion

That Time Donald Trump Tried to Sue a Tribune Architecture Critic Into Oblivion

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That time donald trump tried to sue a tribune architecture critic into oblivion

You may recall an entertaining Twitter spat that broke out between reality-TV turned reality-politics star Donald Trump and Pulitzer-winning Tribune architecture critic Blair Kamin. A few years ago Trump built a generally well-received addition to the skyline, and in the manner of someone labeling his stapler at work, decided to come back around and stick his last name on it. Kamin, in his role as person who evaluates architecture, wrote that it was a garish “wart” on a “handsome skyscraper” that is otherwise a “plus for the skyline.”

Trump, in his role as person who yells at people on Twitter, went ballistic on Kamin, calling him a “third rate architecture critic” for the “failing @chicagotribune.”

Kamin got off easy compared to his predecessor, the late Paul Gapp, who was also a Pulitzer-winning architecture critic for the Chicago Tribune. Gapp was a prolific writer of considerable depth and intellectual breadth—finding time not just to cover the city’s skyscrapers but the architecture of gentrification and criminal-justice facilities—and recognized by his peers for it. But his achievements were overshadowed by his run-in with The Donald: a $500 million lawsuit over one column, about Trump’s plan to build the tallest building in America in Manhattan. []


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