The architect of these monstrous, Alien Cities is an Algorithm

The architect of these monstrous, Alien Cities is an Algorithm

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The architect of these monstrous, alien cities is an algorithm

Daniel Brown’s photos reveal an alien landscape of concrete canyons, geometric patterns, and dark windows. They bring to mind an enormous spaceship, or a dystopian world.

Brown makes his images using generative design software he wrote himself. It creates enormous, complex 3-D patterns that he searches until finding something interesting. The process makes him equal parts magician, explorer, and artist.

The London designer and programmer began experimenting with the medium more than a decade ago. An accident in 2003 left him with limited ability to use his hands, prompting him to explore tools that didn’t require holding a paintbrush or pencil. Generative design, which uses an algorithm to dictate the final product, be it a piece of music, an image, or a sculpture, seemed ideal. Brown used it to craft a city that seemingly grows on its own for Reverse Archeology, and gorgeous abstract forms inspired by Middle Eastern architecture in City of God. […]

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