The benefits of a sophisticated lighting design

The benefits of a sophisticated lighting design
The Melbourne Recital Centre by ARM Architecture was completed in 2008 and features lighting design by Paul Beale

Architecture & Design caught up with Beale to discuss his role as a lighting designer in projects of every budget as well as the future of the lighting industry in general.

Is the importance of artificial lighting design overlooked?

Not by the best architects and most informed clients. It is these people who really get it; the ones that understand what a valuable contribution the lighting designer can bring to any project.

People sometimes only bring in a specialist lighting designer when the lighting budget is unusually high.

Almost the opposite is true; when budgets are tight then you need the best in lighting design skills to bring a space to life through light.

On a linear project timeline, when should a lighting concept design be considered?

As early as possible. In Australia designers are often brought in too late to the process and we are playing catch-up and opportunities are missed. In the US where lighting design is a more established profession I hear that the lighting designer is brought in much earlier, sometimes before the architect! ….