The Israeli Architectural Great with a Le Corbusier complex

The Israeli Architectural Great with a Le Corbusier complex
Israeli architect Sam Barkai's Aginsky House, 1935

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The israeli architectural great with a le corbusier complex
Israeli architect Sam Barkai’s Aginsky House, 1935

Sam Barkai was a disciple of the French-Swiss master, as is Avi Mayer in his new book on Barkai

Avi Mayer’s Hebrew-language book “Sam Barkai: The Architect of Right Dimensions” turns the spotlight on an outstanding Tel Aviv architect who helped bring modernism to prestate Israel in the 1930s. Barkai worked during the golden age of Israeli architecture, which indeed can be described as advocating right dimensions.

Barkai was a founder of a group that made the International Style local and turned it into that era’s reigning architectural stream in the country.

Barkai mainly designed villas and apartment buildings in the private market, unlike many of his colleagues who also worked for the establishment in so-called nation-building efforts. Barkai was a good architect, a rare thing in these parts nowadays, just as the right dimensions disappeared from the landscape and left it wide open to any whim.

The book on Barkai’s work — designed by Magen Halutz — shows that research on architecture and the architects of that period has not been exhausted, even when it seems everything has already been researched, said, written and made cliché. […]


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