The Mini Bar Apartment: The perfect pied-a-terre for an affluent singleton in London

The mini bar apartment: the perfect pied-a-terre for an affluent singleton in london

This mini apartment has been turned into a mini-bar, thanks to bar and club themed décor. At just 323 sq/ft, the property may be cosy, but the price tag certainly isn’t. Costing a cool £625 per week, this fourth floor flat combines the best in luxury living with a distinctive and unique theme. This apartment brings the best of Mayfair’s nightlife home to roost, kitted out with a cocktail “lounge” in the living space, complete with bar stools and wall mirrors. The theme continues on the outdoor terrace, and even into the bathroom, but there’s more to the apartment than just looks. Behind the cocktail bar is a hidden hob and oven, complete with storage space to transform it into a working kitchen.

The compact size and central location of this quirky property makes it ideal for use as a pied-a-terre, or “sometimes home”, in the heart of London. There has been a palpable rise in interest for small second homes in the heart of the city as the economy has recovered, especially in markets such as prime central London (PCL).

The mini bar apartment: the perfect pied-a-terre for an affluent singleton in london

The return of the pied-a-terre
Literally meaning a “foot on the ground”, a pied-a-terre is a small home for occasional use, normally in a large city.

It is commonly preferred by professionals who do business in London, and need somewhere to stay during for work before commuting out to homes in the country or elsewhere in the UK. In recent years, more and more people have opted for a pied-a-terre in central London; not only does it make a comfortable pad during the week, but it also makes a sound investment. Many apartments are in serviced buildings, and because location is the primary consideration, these properties tend to be much smaller than average. Many properties in Mayfair, Knightsbridge and Chelsea are popular purely for their exquisite location alone, let alone the impressive selection of chic studio spaces. Excellent transit links make it easy for residents to commute from their place of work to their pied-a-terre during the week, and from their pied-a-terre to primary residence for the weekends.

The central location, affluent surroundings and luxurious properties make Mayfair a primary place for many professionals to seek out a bolt hole in London. And when you find one with a bar and a bed within stumbling distance…what’s not to love?

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