The Modern Features that Will Help Sell Your Home This Year

St-Sulpice Apartment Building / FHV Architects

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Most homeowners know that they will have to add on or change home features to suit potential buyers tastes, however, there are also features that will catch their eye and make buyers want to purchase a home no matter what it means for their budget. These are the homes that remain at the top of the list for homeowners, and while there are plenty of things you need to ask when buying real estate, potential buyers may even fight harder to win a bid on a home because of a few selective features. While you may not want to spend a lot on your home remodel, you can add a few of details to make it stand out more to homeowners who have specific features in mind.

Modern Features that Will Help Sell Your Home

Energy Efficiency is a Must

Making your home more valuable for the sustainable home shopper is a strong selling point in today’s market in order to save on utility costs and improving energy ratings. By swapping out windows, replacing energy-draining appliances, removing an old, bulky water heater for a tankless instead, not to mention making sure doors and windows are probably sealed, you can ensure your home maximizing utility bills. Of course, upgrading to solar panels would certainly make a statement, but a costly one at that.

St-sulpice apartment building / fhv architects

Provide the ‘Wow’ Factor Walking In

Older homes didn’t have very much overhead lighting and even now you still find homes built in the 1990’s that don’t even have ceiling fans, appearing much older than they actually are. If you want to ensure that your buyer will not have to deal with fan installation, you should ensure fans are at least installed in every bedroom before putting your home on the market. Most today are remote-controlled and the added convenience will be noted, instead of going back and forth figuring out which chain to pull. The clean look of hardwood floors is also a big seller for homeowners. Not only will hardwood last for many years, but it’s easier to vacuum/sweep, especially if you have pets. It can be a bit costly to install, so be sure to price out style of floors and installation costs, ensuring the best remodel for your buck, considering you are leaving the home anyways.

St-sulpice apartment building / fhv architects

Draw Buyers in with Curb Appeal

The backyard is always a challenge, not to mention requiring plenty of manual labor. If landscaping design is not your strong suit, you should at least present an inviting area where your guests can sit and enjoy fresh air. By putting a coat of stain on the deck, a fire ring in the yard for bonfires, and basic shrubs and flowers, a well-manicured yard, pool, and patio furniture can go a long way in your home appealing to potential buyers. Lights that show off the windows and structure of the home at night are also very valuable in marketing a home and drawing curb appeal at night, not to mention nice to have on the patio to take entertaining well into the night.


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