The neighborhoods that influenced US architecture

The neighborhoods that influenced US architecture

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The neighborhoods that influenced us architecture

Architecture history often gets boiled down to the work of singular designers or meaningful buildings, points on a broader timeline of development or innovation. But that’s not always the way we experience architecture.

If a single structure can tell a story or showcase an idea, than an entire neighborhood, with decades or even centuries of history, development and design, can really showcase a style, and serve as a clearer picture of how we shape the built environment. As we start place votes for the Curbed Cup, our annual celebration of the best neighborhoods across the nation, we thought we’d look at some of the neighborhoods that have a wider influence beyond their city.

These 10 have made significant impacts on American architecture, either by pushing innovation, showcasing historical development, or influencing designers, often serving as the example of particular style or era. There’s many more than we could list, but these 10 provide of overview of important places across the country. […]


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