The Perigon Condos in Miami

Besides being a dream destination among travelers, Miami is considered an ideal permanent living option among young professionals.

After all, the city is a melting pot of different cultures that boasts unmatched nightlife and near-perfect weather all year round. And while the high cost of living may pinch your budget, the luxury and convenience of Miami living make it well worth it!

But with most of Florida’s population flocking to this oh-so-happening city, finding a residential area may become difficult. And hence, The Perigon Residences is coming to Miami Beach, a playground for those seeking sunny days and unforgettable nights!

The Perigon Condos

The Perigon, Miami Beach – Location

The Perigon Residences is located in Miami Beach, where the elite residents can enjoy convenience and sophistication, surrounded by sandy beaches and glittering waters. The location promises a whole new level of luxury with its close proximity to various sources of entertainment and commerce.

As such, the extravagant condo is situated near trendy boutiques, lively clubs, and popular restaurants offering the best delicacies in Miami. So, by choosing The Perigon Residences, know that you’ll be taking utmost advantage of a strategically selected location.

The Perigon Building


The amalgamation of OMA’s spectacular architectural design and Gustafson Porter + Bowman’s tactful landscaping resulted in the iconic tower of The Perigon, Miami. The 17-level building offers 82 exclusive residences, facing the shimmering waters of the Atlantic Ocean.

The distinguished residents of The Perigon Condo can choose between 2-4 bedroom spaces, according to their family size. Overall, the residential tower sprawls across 2,100 and 6,700 sq. ft.

Additionally, the luxury condo boasts a unique yet harmonious design, as it is sure to make heads turn while complimenting the glimmering ocean waves with its distinguished exterior.

Interiors of Perigon Condos

The perigon condos - interiors

Much like its contemporary architecture, the interiors of The Perigon, Miami, are a work of art, thanks to the expertise of Tara Bernerd & Partners. Known for her timeless designs, Bernerd boasts extensive interior designing experience, with some of her most famous projects being Four Seasons Hotel (New York, Downtown), Conrad (Los Angeles), and Zentis (Osaka).

So, it is no surprise when we say that every room is not only equipped with luxurious amenities but also offers a stunning floor-to-ceiling view of the city. And what’s a better way to kickstart a day than with the warm sun rays caressing your skin?

The Perigon Condos – Amenities

  1. The aim behind establishing an extravagant condo like The Perigon, Miami Beach, was to offer a dynamic experience to the residents. From convenient parking space to easy access to the beach, they have left no stone unturned in creating a new benchmark of sophistication right at the heart of Miami!So, when we say The Perigon offers a new perspective in luxury living, here’s what we mean:

    Beachside Pool

Beachside pool

One of the many shimmering pools in The Perigon Residences is the beachside pool, complete with cabanas and sunbeds for a relaxing tanning session! The beachside pool also has poolside food & beverage service – The sunrise lounge offers a catering kitchen for entertaining and events. So, no matter the occasion – from a private date night with your significant other or a hearty dinner with friends – the lounges have something for everyone.

  1. Spa And Wellness Center

Apart from the party animals and the fitness freaks, The Perigon could not have missed out on the foodies. As such, there is a celebrated chef to whip up your favorite treats in the signature restaurant. Along with the refreshing view of the ocean, you can enjoy memorable moments with your friends and families over a scrumptious meal.

The Perigon is further equipped with meditation lounge areas, ideal for those who want to take a break from the hustle and bustle of the city. Or, you could take a walk in the intimate garden while enjoying a spectacular view of the Atlantic Ocean.

Moreover, the fitness center of The Perigon is for those who like to start or end their day with a workout. After all, Miami is the healthiest city in America for the third time in a row, so why not encourage the residents to maintain the streak?

  1. Signature Restaurant

Apart from the party animals and the fitness freaks, The Perigon could not have missed out on the foodies. As such, there is a celebrated chef to whip up your favorite treats in the signature restaurant. Along with the refreshing view of the ocean, you can enjoy memorable moments with your friends and families over a scrumptious meal.

  1. Easy Beach Access

Miami has the best beaches in the world. So, there’s no way the developers could have ignored the opportunity of setting up a luxurious condo just a walk away from the soft sand. The waterfront location of The Perigon enjoys 200 linear feet of private sandy beaches with umbrellas and lounge chairs.

  1. Underground Parking

Parking is usually an issue in bustling cities with growing populations. However, the designers have ensured the residents do not face this struggle with 183 underground parking spaces.

The perigon condos in miami 2

Why Choose The Perigon, Miami?

Scenic beaches, artistic neighborhoods, and wild clubs – Miami is a must-visit on every traveler’s list. However, it’s high time we stop sleeping on its potential as a city to relocate to. After all, it’s not just a beach city but a city on the beach!

  1. Warm Weather

With its tropical location, the sunshine state of Florida experiences near-perfect weather throughout the year. Do keep in mind, though, that summers can get really hot and sultry here. However, winters are rather mild, so if warm, sunny days sound like your type, then do not think twice before relocating to Miami!

For reference, the hottest months experience temperatures ranging between 77-91 degrees Fahrenheit. On the other hand, cooler months tend to stay within the range of 60-75 degrees Fahrenheit.

  1. Multicultural Experience

Influenced by Latin-American and Caribbean communities, Miami offers a vibrant and diverse cultural scene. So, locals and visitors always have a fun-filled day to look forward to, with festivals, performances, art walks, and more happening in every nook of the city.

We recommend The Miami Design Preservation League for walking tours across the city to explore its spectacular architecture. Or, you could visit The Miami Design District to delve into the mesmerizing world of contemporary art.

  1. Delicious Cuisines

Being an international hotspot with its residents coming from all over the world, it is safe to say that Miami offers some of the best cuisines. Authentic restaurants, lively food trucks, cozy cafes – the food scene here is to die for!

Although the majority of locals indulge in Cuban delicacies, other countries are also well-represented in this culinary gem of a city.

The tropical weather of Miami further gives it the edge when it comes to the variety of fruits you can get locally. Plus, tropical fruits like avocados and mangoes are quite affordable here. How about some healthy yet yummy avocado toast prepared by The Perigon chef?

  1. Health

Perhaps to balance the wild nights in the club or at parties, most residents of Miami exercise regularly to stay in shape. In fact, Miami is currently the healthiest city in the US.

Not to forget, living close to the shore has its fair share of health benefits. For instance, breathing the salty ocean breeze is ideal for maintaining organ health and preventing lung issues.

Top that off with a routine visit to the fitness center at The Perigon, and you’ll be rocking a slim waist and rock-hard abs in no time!

  1. Reliable Transportation

While the condo offers a bunch of amenities to ensure the utmost convenience for the residents, it helps to live in a spot that’s near malls, schools, restaurants, etc. So, fret not because Miami Beach offers convenient ocean-front living as every place is well within walking distance or just a drive away. Alternatively, you can take advantage of the Metrobus, Metrorail, and Metromover to easily commute to slightly far-off places.

  1. No State Income Tax

Despite the high cost of living, living in Miami is financially rewarding for retirees. This is because you won’t have to pay state taxes while living in Miami. Plus, sales tax is also a lot lower than in other parts of the country. As such, you’ll have more flexibility in your budget, allowing you to make other investments.

  1. Visual Treat

Last but not least, every corner of Miami is a visual treat. Whether you explore the high-rise buildings or laze around on the beach – you are sure to get some Instagram-worthy clicks! Not to forget, the tropical weather further adds to the beauty of this warm and welcoming city!

Perigon Condos Final Words

The Perigon Residences, is expected to be ready by 2025. So, if you want to make the most of its first-class amenities and coastal location, simply submit your contact details on the website. You’ll be contacted shortly with further details regarding this one-of-a-kind project.

Moreover, you can choose to visit the sales gallery or schedule a visit for a formal project presentation. So, do not delay and get ready to be charmed by the iconic tower of The Perigon, coming soon to the hottest city in the US!

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