The Rönesans Mecidiyeköy Office / MuuM

The Rönesans Mecidiyeköy Office / MuuM

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The rönesans mecidiyeköy office / muum

The area of Istanbul between Mecidiyeköy and Zincirlikuyu is one of the key centres in terms of transportation facilities, and so has become popular with companies. This is an area which became run-down over time, but is now being renewed as part of an urban renewal dynamic.

The Rönesans Mecidiyeköy Office building was established in view of this development potential.

The rönesans mecidiyeköy office / muum

The plot of land stands on the main transportation axis linking Büyükdere Caddesi and the Profilo Shopping Centre in Mecidiyeköy. It stands on Cemal Sahir and Raşit Rıza streets, between which there is a difference of around 9 metres in height.

The rönesans mecidiyeköy office / muum

The land measures approximately 4.000 sqm and the design is for a geometric block that is 5.5 metres in height at the entrance level (+0.00) and 18.5 metres at the lower level. In accordance with building regulations, the mass was emptied and united with balconies, eaves and other architectural additions.

The rönesans mecidiyeköy office / muum

Since building restrictions offer little room for alternatives to a mass, making it difficult to allow for natural air conditioning and lighting, openings were created in the main mass beneath the +5.50 level, so creating an inner courtyard-garden space that was enriched by projections from the main mass. These projections provide social areas for users within the scope of diverse spatial uses.

The rönesans mecidiyeköy office / muum

The building programme consists of offices, commercial areas, carpark and technical spaces, which have been arranged according to a fairly simple layout. Apart from the commercial spaces on Cemal Sahir Sokağı, all the above-ground areas were planned as offices, with carpark and technical spaces below ground. There is pedestrian access from all the streets surrounding the building, and carpark/logistics access from Raşit Rıza Sokağı.

The rönesans mecidiyeköy office / muum

It was aimed to produce a high quality alternative to the dense and disorganized character of the built environs. By making productive use of the difference in level on the site, a building was created that harmonized with the urban landscape and was integrated with its surroundings.

The Rönesans Mecidiyeköy Office has been certificated as LEED Gold with the features of maximum air and daylight, local materials, contributions to urban levels and more…

Project Details:
Location: Istanbul, Turkey
Type: CommercialOffices
Area: 22,934 sqm
Architects: MuuM
Client : Rönesans GYO


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