9 Timeless Kitchen Trends That Simply Do Not Age

Revamping your kitchen can be exciting and confusing. When in doubt, we always advise you to stick to the classics. But even classics are enough in number to spoil you for choices.

Whether you want to stick to the existing decor or get a drastic remodelling is completely your call. What goes with the decided theme and what not is also dependant on your taste and creativity.

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Here is a quick guide to nine timeless kitchen trends that you can never go wrong with. These are of diverse appeal and give you enough ideas in your mind to play round with.

Timeless Kitchen Trends

  1. Kitchen Islands

These come in all forms and sizes. Choose your kitchen island as per space availability and the aesthetics of your choice. Long, square, round they come in all shapes. Go berserk with majestic ones or stick to cute two-sitters. The finish of the island can be from a wide range of choices like wooden, metallic, stone, etc.

Paint it in a vibrant color to make your kitchen pop or go for monochromes and muted, sophisticated tones; you can customize these as per your home’s décor. The seating arrangements and designing can be made to give a bistro or even an antique feel as per your preference.

Kitchen trends kitchen island

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Islands are very functional. Not only do these make your kitchen look spacious but also serve as multipurpose stations for quick cooking preparations, having meals and serving as storage spaces. You can have in-built cabinets and drawers all around the island and keep your kitchen well-organized and clutter free.  

Kitchen islands also help to keep your budget in check. You need not purchase a separate dining table or install cabinets and shelves but have all purposes served in one centerpiece.

From elaborate family meals to romantic date nights, kitchen islands are a classic trend which is here to stay.

  1. Pendant Lighting

If you are looking for lighting options which are both elegant and functional, pendant lighting is what you need. These hung ceiling lights can efficiently serve as the showstopper of your kitchen.

They are mostly used to light up centers of tables, thus replacing standing table lights. They do not take up necessary space as table lamps do and offer a wide range of illumination.

Ceiling light kitchen trends

Image via Pete Wright@petewright

Pendant lights have a historical origin of being made up of cane baskets, or bamboo cages hung from the ceiling along with a source of light like earthen lamps and wax candles. This trend has been time-tested and still is predominant for house decoration.

Today, these lights come in all shapes and purposes. They can be sleek, statement-sized, eccentric shaped or resemble exciting objects.

Nowadays pendant lights are technologically updated. They come with regulators to alter the intensity and range of illumination. Some are installed with provisions, which can be controlled by software applications, remote controls, and even sound and voice controls.

They can also be a way to vent your creativity. There are hundreds of DIY ideas which result in equally appealing ceiling lighting only a lot under budget. Engage your children and family to make handmade pendant lighting and light up their faces along with your kitchens!

  1. Deep Sink with Chopping Board

Deep sinks are a clean kitchen’s best bet. A deep and wide sink can serve for multiple purposes. Not only is it functional but also can be a thing of a statement regarding home décor. Choose a sink of a metallic finish, shiny porcelain or of marble or any other lucrative stone, fix a stylish faucet and you are good to go!

Since times unknown, washing places, especially in kitchens have been elaborate. There is some logic to it. Greater the area of the catchment of waste, easier it is to maintain kitchen hygiene. You can do an array of tasks such as pouring messy liquids, filling of bottles, peeling fruits and vegetables directly above the sink and save a lot of cleaning time and labor.

Sink kitchen trend

Image via Paul Hanaoka@paul_

Deep and wide sink provides space for more unfinished dishes and cutleries. It makes your kitchen more clutter free.

As if it was not efficient enough, to add to the efficiency a trend of sink top chopping board came up!  It has been around for quite some time. It is a chopping board that is the size of the sink installed. It can fully or partially cover the sink underneath.

What it helps with is that you can do a variety of tasks like chopping, peeling, juicing, etc. on this board and the misplaced wastes fall directly into the sink without creating a mess. The board can be used as an aesthetic lid or a cover to a sink full of unwashed dishes underneath.

This timeless duo of a deep sink with a covering chopping board can be your way to a clutter-free, hygienic and easy to maintain kitchen.

  1. Tiling

Bathrooms and kitchens, these are inherent parts of the home. They make a reasonable contribution to the aesthetics of the house. Tiles play a considerable role in making them aesthetically delightful.

Tiles have a welcoming essence. Wherever you fit them, they change the vibe of the space. If someone chooses tiles after some research on color choices and their designs, they can indeed make a difference. Tiles come with a lot of variations in designs and style, thus giving a range of options to choose from.

Tiles are tolerant to water and moisture. This characteristic increases their lifespan, and thus they last for a long time. Water and moisture resistant material should be used in bathrooms where there is a lot of water usage. Besides this, they are fire resistant  do not create harmful fumes if accidentally subjected to fire.

Kitchen tile

Image via Job Savelsberg@jobsavelsberg

Tiles have very little to zero amount of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) associated with them as they are manufactured in high-temperature surroundings. These compounds can irritate eyes, nose, & throat, cause nausea and a lot of other physical damages when present in considerable amount.

Lastly, they require little maintenance and can be cleaned easily. There are bunches of ways by which they can be kept neat and clean.

  1. Fold Down Kitchen Tables

We chip in a significant portion of time daily in eating. Thus, kitchen and dining tables have become a basic need of our mundane lives. People spend an ample amount of time to choose designs of the pieces of furniture they use, think about the space they are about to occupy and their longevity.

Numerous ideas have come out in serving our purposes and reducing the space crunch we face nowadays. Fold-down tables are a great savior in managing spaces. They save spaces as they are easily foldable and storable anywhere.

This feature brings upon another positive side of it. It can be carried easily anywhere we wish. Be it any gathering inside the house or outside under the sky, they can be moved effortlessly.

The fold-down tables are multipurpose. They serve in various ways, on multiple occasions. The table used as the dinner table can be used as a coffee desk or study table too. The same item can be used in different instances. This increases their functionality and demand.

Lastly, they look good. People spend their hard-earned money on household items. So, it is essential to look good alongside serving purposes. Fold-down tables look nice, thus giving the space an exquisite view.

  1. Stone Tops 

Kitchen tops made of stones dates back to old times. Variety of stones such as marble, quartz, granite, sandstone, limestone, etc. find a great place in such application. Each stone has its own finish and brings out a different essence. While some stand for sophistication and modern design, others embody a rustic and antique feel.

Select your choice of look in your budget. While marble, quartz, sandstone, etc. are on the higher side of the pricing; granite, limestone, etc. are cheaper alternatives but equally appealing if finished well.

Stone top kitchen timeless design

Image via Hamed Alishahi@sidekix

There lies a scientific reason behind the usage of stone based tops in kitchen. A lot of these options are non-reactive to the chemicals of various fruits and vegetables that will come in contact with them. It further makes cooked food safe and non-toxic. Also, they are highly durable and easy to clean, especially when they have a polished finishing.

Stone tops in kitchens hold almost what can be called a monopoly in the world of kitchen trends. They are any day better than metallic or porcelain tops which can be reactive and fragile respectively. Stone kitchen tops are a timeless trend, winning over other alternatives for decades due to its durability, safety, and diversity of appeal.

  1. White-on-white Kitchen

This particular trend in kitchen décor is a classic! The white-on-white kitchen theme is like the epitome of sophisticated kitchen looks. The basic idea is to stick to white or any shade in that family for most of the kitchen components. It is a take on the monochromatic theme of home décor with shades of white, off-white, etc.

It is not mandatory for all the kitchen components to be a specific shade of white. Contrasting shelves, color blocked tiles, picture backsplashes, and funky tessellations come out even better with a wall background of white.

Sticking to the theme, kitchen table tops can be of marble, quartz, porcelain, metal and silver cutlery further compliment the look. If the kitchen has an island, then it can pop by the addition of a starkly different colored top such as black granite or colored decorative laminate sheets.

White on white timeless kitchen design

Image via Victor Rodriguez@vimarovi

A white theme effectively creates the illusion of a spacious kitchen by reflecting light better at both times of the day. You can also jazz up your white kitchen with fancy or sophisticated lights, preferably warm in tone.

A white-on-white kitchen can be a blank canvas for your creativity. Utilize the base to create a fun and vibrant kitchen or stick to classy muted tones; the options are endless. But it does call for proper and regular maintenance.

  1. Cabinets and drawers

In a family of 3 to 4 people, or maybe 5, there are a lot of household works which need to be done. While eating remains an integral part of routine daily lives, daily kitchen activities need to be relaxed and hassle-free. Here come the cabinets and drawers to the scene, with a sense of relief to everyday kitchen work.

These systems appear nice, save your spaces and reduce your strain by some nicks. The drawers simply come out of the closet to your service, much like something working as per your command. They come with some irrefutable functionality.

Cabinets and drawers

Image via chuttersnap@chuttersnap

Firstly, they are made of plywood. It has a nifty amount of holding power for screws and glues and other materials which are used to give them shape and making them ready-to-use. They are more resistant to moisture, thus making them less susceptible to external scathes.

With high-quality glides, the drawers you use regularly make less noise, thus making your works less noisy. While similar functions are done every day, they become dull and seem hectic and vexing. Soundless tasks reduce the apparent commotions by some notch.

Lastly, they save your space. Many items can be stored and arranged in the same cross-section area. It brings up the aesthetic value as well, creating a soothing diorama.

  1. Wooden Kitchen

If the kitchen is the heart of the house, then nothing makes this house warmer than some wooden touch! Wood gives a warm and cozy feel to a kitchen especially when the house is in a temperate location.

Wooden kitchens do not necessarily need to look identical. There are a lot of options in color, texture, venation, and finish of wood cabinetry. While the softwood variants like pine, cedar, spruce, fir, larch, etc. are used to manufacture chipboard, plywood, fiberboard, etc., the hardwood species such as mahogany, ash, walnut, cherry, birch, oak, maple, etc. are used for solid furniture making, flooring and wall paneling purposes.

Timeless wooden kitchen design

Image via Eduard Militaru@eduardmilitaru

Wood is a suitable material for flooring and paneling. It provides good friction as floor material preventing skidding and accidents at the time of hurry. Wood is also non-inflammable and makes for a safe non-hazardous option.

The application of wood can extends to cabinets, drawers, table tops, etc. The wooden kitchen look is the perfect balance of old school, rustic, sophisticated and classy

Final Word

Mix and match these ideas to create a unique look for your kitchen! For instance, a white kitchen with wooden island or a wooden kitchen with a warm statement pendant lighting, the possibilities are endless. Hopefully, these few ideas of renovating your kitchen can bring out the artist in you!

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