Top kitchen trends for the year

Top kitchen trends for the year

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Top kitchen trends for the year

Some of the top trends for the kitchen décor in the current year are highlighted in this article to facilitate the individuals looking forward to revamp this part of their homes or offices. The popular themes for the kitchens can be easily achieved by looking for the required items in the specialized kitchen warehouse or retails online and offline. Some of the latest trends include, but are not limited to;

1. Softer color schemes

Some of the trending colors for kitchen include;
a) Pale blue
b) Pale green gray
c) Tinted whites etc.

However white motifs will remain to be dominant and the point of focus. For accentuating, colors like; pale green, muted blues and pastel yellows will be spotted. Instead of standard white that was popular a few years ago the new shades that are now being preferred include;

a) Charcoal
b) Grays
c) Pale blue
d) Pale green gray
e) Tinted whites

Even the wood used in the kitchen will be of lighter tones like the white oak, white washed wood or lighter walnut etc.

2. Smart spaces

With the spaces getting limited, the home owners are now looking for space saving options which not only look sleek but provide space for storage as well. Not only the kitchen should include equipment that can be used for storage but the equipment should also offer multiple functional attributes as well.

3. Ideas from days gone by

To make the kitchens appear more refined and classic seek inspiration from the decade of the eighties. The significant styling elements like the brass accessories and mirrored backsplashes are making their way back into the modern kitchens of today. The modern kitchens are a blend of natural materials and contemporary décor. Some of the designers are also encouraging themes in the kitchen that feature the islands and doors in walnut. For such a theme to look good the décor has to be simple and free of clutter with minimal accents in light wood. Such a trend is focused around functionality and simplicity.

4. Metal range hoods

Like the previous year this year too metallic finishes will remain popular. The individuals can select from;
a) Copper
b) Brass
c) Bronze etc.

to give their kitchens the look in which metal is dominant. Those who do not have the budget to revamp the whole kitchen can make use of faucets, lights and other accessories to incorporate the same theme.

5.Illuminated cabinets

As mood lighting is finding its way into our homes, the best use of it should also be made in the kitchens as well. Different types of lighting accentuate a house in various ways. The kitchens too should be installed with low voltage lighting options that can be positioned;
a) Below cabinets
b) Above cabinets
c) Inside cabinets
d) Below countertop overhangs
to add more dimension to the space.


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