Tour a Digital Art Gallery Curated by an Avatar

Tour a Digital Art Gallery Curated by an Avatar

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Tour a digital art gallery curated by an avatar

You don’t walk into Panther Modern so much as click into it. Panther is a gallery, filled with gallery-like stuff: artwork, windows, benches and “no touching” signs. Not that the signs are needed. This world, in all its dimensionality, lives solely on the internet as a digital exhibition space.

It’s the work of LaTurbo Avedon, an artist known only by the pale, blonde-haired avatar she presents on various social media channels. Avedon is an odd breed of artist. Not only is she, as an avatar, a maker of artwork; she’s also a piece of artwork herself. No one knows who is behind LaTurbo Avedon.

Avedon has presented exhibitions all over the internet (and even in real life), but Panther Modern is by far her most ambitious effort. The gallery, which opened its proverbial door with an installation by multimedia artist Aoto Oouchi, is very much a digital product. Its architecture—a strange white building comprised of incongruous wings and corridors—is built in Cinema 4D, and the artwork within it is constructed using digital tools, too. And yet, for all its digital nativeness, there’s something about Panther Modern that feels real, in a very IRL (In Real Life) sense of the word. []


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