Touring the Carroll House in Venice, California


This renovation of a single family home in the historic Venice Canals presented the opportunity to reimagine the house. The ground floor was reorganized to an open plan, allowing all rooms access to the view and outdoor spaces. A new wood deck fronting the canals includes an open fire pit and custom benches and planters.

The deck and ground floor at the same elevation, serving to extend the living room space to the outdoors, accessible through a triple sliding glass door. The upstairs bedrooms are remote and quiet, with the master bedroom enjoying a private deck also overlooking the canals. In re-organizing the floor plan, a new stair was designed, cantilevering from a wall with no apparent structure, further emphasized by the suspended glass guardrail. The home captures the distinct character of the canal district and its unique personality.

Cinematography by Chibi Moku –
Color Grading by Bryan Smaller


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