Trends You Need to Know When Designing Commercial Interiors

Trends You Need to Know When Designing Commercial Interiors
Photo: Pinterest - Elia Solana

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Trends you need to know when designing commercial interiors
Photo: Pinterest – Elia Solana

The interior of an office is a powerful thing. When designed well, it can impact the employees by making them more productive and improving their quality of life. From the business perspective, a flawlessly put together interior sets the tone for the company and leaves a lasting impression with its patrons, often resulting in a higher conversion rate. Obviously, every job you do is important, but when it comes to designing commercial interiors, your work has the potential to improve the company’s bottom line dramatically. No pressure, right? But as long as you follow these top design trends and add in your own flavor, your client will surely be pleased.

Hot Color Schemes
This year, deep tones are all the rage as far as commercial interiors are concerned, such as charcoal or dark gray. However, you know that if you overdo it in the dark-hue department, the result is anything but the sophisticated, calming design you are going for. That’s why it’s important to balance it out with complementary shades of stone or beige.

Using these neutral hues works great for most of the decor elements, but you still want a pop of color to really make the space complete. While a dark paprika or bright lime would accent the color scheme nicely, they are not considered on trend for this year. So what is? Purple — but not just any shade will do.

Pantone, the authority on all things color related, believes that Radiant Orchid is the shade to use. It is bright, but not childish, and can add the perfect amount of pizazz when used in wall art, desk accessories or strategically in the flooring. If this hue is just a little too bright for the look you are going for, you can always opt for Sherwin-Williams’s top choice, which is Exclusive Plum. It’s more muted than Radiant Orchid, but still has plenty of elegance and class.

Trends you need to know when designing commercial interiors
Photo: Sherwin-Williams

On-Trend Flooring Selections
While commercial spaces used to opt for muted tones and small patterns on the floor, today’s office buildings are equipped with large, geometric designs wherever the feet may travel. This can be anything from oversized rectangles in unexpected colors or hexagon-laden carpets in more diluted hues.

But it’s not just the designs that are getting a revamp; the materials used are also changing. Instead of the economical sheet tile usually found in commercial settings, companies are choosing luxury materials that will last longer and look more professional. When it comes to carpets, the tile version is in. They have come a long way over the past few years, and are now made with aesthetically pleasing materials. Since they can be replaced one section at a time when a stain or damage occurs, the functionality of carpet tile can’t be beat.

Popular Furniture Choices
Sure, today’s professionals want their workspace to look nice, but they care more about how comfortable they are. With more and more research being distributed showing just how important ergonomics are while sitting at a desk, bosses don’t really have a choice but to comply. Look for items with adjustable head rests, rising armrests and comfortable seats. You may even want to throw in a standing desk or two (yes, it’s a thing).
Technology is another big trend in today’s office furniture. Are there outlets built into the desks? Tablets built into lounge chairs? There is no high-tech furniture that the average business wouldn’t love to have in their office, so don’t be afraid to bring them in wherever you see fit.

Fashionable Layout Options
Goodbye cubicles and hello gathering spaces. Today’s work environment is all about collaboration. CEOs want their employees to bounce ideas off each other, share knowledge and work together. The workplace should use low partitions, moveable screens, and more home-like gathering areas. Just make sure that you still provide plenty of spaces for people to go when they need peace and quiet to get the job done.

Trends you need to know when designing commercial interiors
Photo: Work Design Magazine

Social Responsibility Requirements
Finally, when designing commercial interiors, it’s not enough for the space to look amazing; it must also be good for the environment. For example, Work Design Magazine believes that new technology in standard building materials, such as photovoltaic glass, is the answer to this issue. The glass contains solar cells, which provide energy for the building. Of course, you can also stick to the basics, like carpet made from recyclable materials and energy-efficient lighting options.

Designing an interior for a commercial building may seem daunting at first, but as long as you stick to the trends, while keeping the needs of your client in mind, you can’t go wrong. Remember, the days of boring commercial spaces are over, so don’t be afraid to go bold. The people working there will thank you for it.

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