Turning Old Aircraft Carriers Into a Bridge Is a Bad Idea

Turning Old Aircraft Carriers Into a Bridge Is a Bad Idea

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Turning old aircraft carriers into a bridge is a bad idea

If a highway budget that just cleared the Washington state House of Representatives becomes law, state officials will spend $90,000 investigating the feasibility of building a highly unusual bridge fashioned from decommissioned aircraft carriers.

The bridge, should it be built, would be about a mile long. It would span Sinclair Inlet, connecting Bremerton and Port Orchard, about 15 miles west of Seattle. Today, it’s a 10-mile, often traffic-clogged, drive between the towns. Rep. Jesse Young, whose district includes these two towns, thinks using an old carrier or two would make a fine tourist attraction and tribute to the military.

“The tourism benefit to this would be a huge economic benefit,” he says, and “I think that would be a great testimony to our greatest generation, to thank them for the freedom they’ve given us.”

Young argues the financial side of this makes sense if you factor in extra tourism dollars and money saved by repurposing the ships instead of scrapping them. “This would be the tenth wonder of the world.” []

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