3 Types of Pools That Can Turn Your Home Into a Modern Oasis

Whether you want a place where your kids can have some splashy splashy fun, a place where you and your friends can hang out until sunrise or just a cozy spot to relax and sip from a mojito after a hard day, then it’s time you started your very own pool construction project. Synonymous with a lavish lifestyle, pools are often discarded by frugal homeowners because they seem expensive and hard to maintain but based on the recent evolution of the pool construction market, neither building nor looking after a pool is that costly. Of course, if you’re taking inspiration from the glamorous pools that celebrities have in their homes, then you can expect to spend all your annual savings on this project, but there are actually many pool types that look great and add value to your home without costing six figures.

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Here are some ideas to choose from!

Types of Pools

Above ground pools

Above-ground pools are the underdog of pool construction projects, but they shouldn’t be, because they offer some unique benefits and look just as great as their more expensive inground counterparts. They come in all sizes and shapes, you have plenty of great designs to choose from, and they are much easier to set up. In fact, some sellers even have DIY kits that you can assemble at home and have your own pool up in no time.

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Above ground pools are recommended for small back yards that don’t normally fit a large inground pool, but larger sizes are also available if you would like an above ground pool for another reason: safety. Unlike traditional pools, which often need a cover because children and pets can get it, above ground pools are harder to climb, so the risk of injury is much smaller.

Tip: contrary to common belief, above ground pools don’t lack elegance and sophistication. To spruce up their simple design, you can opt for accessories and extra features or invest in garden landscaping to create a lush oasis. For example, surrounding above ground pools with wooden decks hides the pool siding and creates a rustic look.

Inground pools

Inground pools are substantially more expensive than above-ground pools, but they make the perfect investment for homeowners who have a higher budget and are looking for more space and luxury. Inground pools come with more customization options and contractors allow you to choose between several materials and finishes when installing them:

  • Concrete shell with plaster coatings – contractors recommend this combination because it’s more durable. Don’t like the look of concrete on your pool? Don’t worry? The experts from explain how you can add various alternative finishes on concrete pool surfaces. Tiles, stones, granite and pebble finishes can help you get a custom look and also have great longevity.
  • Vinyl lining is an affordable option that also gives the freedom to choose any pool design you like. Vinyl liner pools come in all colors and patterns, are easy to maintain and although they are more sensitive to the elements, you can expand their lifespan by adding fungus and UV inhibitors.
  • Fiberglass pools are delivered as a one-piece item, so you don’t have a lot of customization options, but they’re the best option for when you want to install your swimming pool quickly and don’t have any special design requirements. Fiberglass pools are also more hygienic because their interior is very slippery, making it harder for impurities to cling to it.

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Tip: if you have a bigger budget and want to turn your swimming pool into an artistic centerpiece, you can add extra features and enhancements, such as waterfalls, fountain bubbles, water slides and LED lighting or soft uplighting.

Hot tubs

Saunas and hot tubs have been used for centuries thanks to their therapeutic properties and to this day they remain the best investment for at-home wellness. A small SPA in your home can help you release muscle soreness, alleviate back pain, not to mention that it takes away the stress of a long day.

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But, even if you’re not dealing with muscle and joint pain, you can still enjoy the irresistible aesthetic benefits of installing a hot tub. Whether you choose to place them outdoors or indoors, hot tubs are just as easy to install as above-ground pools and their shells are available in various colors and finishes. As for their features, you can choose from basic designs all the way to high-end options that have massaging features and ambient lighting included.

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Tip: If you want to place your hot tub outdoors, conceal it with a stone wall, sundeck or cover to incorporate it nicely into the landscape. To turn the tub into a centerpiece, surround it with greenery and add water features nearby. To achieve that Zen outdoor thermal bath design that’s trending these days, stick to a neutral color scheme (grays, whites and beiges) and nature-inspired materials such as wood and stone.

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