Vertical House / Juan Carlos Doblado

Vertical house / juan carlos doblado
© Elsa Ramirez

Located in front of the bay of Lima, Vertical House fits the complexity of irregular terrain of reduced dimensions that forced generate a vertical volume advantage the privileged sea views. The limited space -105 m2 lot – poses a vertical development of the program which is divided into four levels.

Vertical house / juan carlos doblado
© Elsa Ramirez

The house has a first floor dedicated to service, in the second has been developed the social area, the third was located in the master bedroom and the fourth are the bedrooms of children.

Vertical house / juan carlos doblado
© Elsa Ramirez

Involved on a skin playing with transparencies, housing generates dynamism around the program. A relationship of transparency and opacity depending on the landscape and the program is then raised, opening the social and private areas of the house overlooking the Pacific Ocean.

Project Details:

Location: Malecón Pedro de Osma, Barranco, Lima, Perú
Type: Residential – Houses
Site area: 156.86 m2
Built area: 356.65 m2
Architects: Juan Carlos Doblado
Photographs: Elsa Ramírez

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