Visual re-education: the cover story

Visual re-education: the cover story

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Visual re-education: the cover story

Most of the covers before this date were plain manila with a small black and white image in the centre, but now the outsides matched the visual creativity of the pages, creating a gallery of graphic art and photography that lasted into the 1970s, with works that are relatively unknown because the covers were usually thrown away when the monthly issues were bound up as volumes. An exhibition at WORK Gallery during June 2014, celebrating the republication of The Italian Townscape by Ivor de Wolfe, drew on a complete set of covers between 1944 and ’51, and simply pinning them up in sequence, offered a strange semiotic key to the minds of the magazine editors.

The relationship between cover and content was usually made, but it was often a long-distance one. In the years of optimistic post-war reconstruction, special issues on themes such as Electricity or Industry and Education were prepared with the Association for Planning and Regional Reconstruction with the only worthy but predictable covers of the time.


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