Wall Decor Ideas To Consider For Your Next Makeover Project

Years ago, probably before social media was a thing, wall art was largely overlooked and underutilized. For most homeowners, it was always the last option among other home accessories. However, as times have changed, more and more people now understand how wall décor can transform any space into something stunning.

In fact, the home décor market reached a value of USD$641.4 billion as of 2020 and is expected to rise steadily in the coming years. This is a reflection of the growing popularity of home decor and all its forms, including wall décor. 

With that said, if you feel your living space is too simple and understated, you can liven it up with the right wall décor items. By exploring your options online and offline, you can stumble into affordable pieces that will make your space unique and more vibrant.

Here are some wall décor ideas to consider for your next makeover project!

Wall Décor Ideas for Makeover Projects

Wall décor ideas for makeover projects

  1. Large-scale art

Associated with icons in the painting world, this type of art is nothing short of breathtaking. It was most popular in the 18th century where it was used as a depiction of historical scenes on wall-sized canvases. 

Today, wall art and paintings take up the largest share in the overall wall décor market at 27.1%. This is probably because they’re perceived as a statement piece that can enhance walls and spaces better, either by hanging the paintings or painting directly on the walls. 

As such, you can opt for an oversized painting or photograph that’ll command attention and set the tone in a small room. In a minimalist space, try installing a high-contrast photo or add a splash of color to a monochromatic room using a vibrant abstract piece.

To make it more conspicuous, hang it on a focal point in a room, for instance, above your living room’s mantel, or in your bedroom, above your headboard. Wherever you place it, this art piece has its own way of drawing looks towards it, therefore make sure to select a spot that’ll leave you or your guests in awe every time you set your eyes on it.

Gallery wall

  1. Gallery wall

Also known as a salon wall, this wall hanging idea dates back to the French in the late 17th century. It can be translated to the present wall collage art. 

If you don’t want a large artwork piece overtaking your space, or you just have plenty of paintings, illustrations, or photos that you want to display, you can go big with the gallery wall. It can help you express your personality and way of life. If you want the world to know your character, interests, and hobbies, wall art is one of the most powerful and best ways to let your personality shine through in your home.

You can hang framed prints and fill an entire wall with as many images as you want. There are various categories to choose from, including abstract, architecture, flowers, patterns, and surreal designs. To maintain the integrity of your wall, you can arrange them in a pattern and string them up on a dowel, instead of drilling holes in your wall with nails to hang them. You can also decide to hook or peg them up on wooden or metallic frames. Your gallery wall can also be a collection of your photos which you’d stick up with adhesive tapes, or pin them on a soft board.

Whichever way you choose to hang up your art, a gallery wall is, for sure, an excellent way of expressing your art ideas and adorning your walls.

  1. Mirrors

You can also opt for decorative wall mirrors. Installing one strategically, for instance, adjacent to a window, can create the illusion of a larger room. The bigger the mirror size, the greater the illusion. A mirror will also reflect any natural or artificial lights that come into the room, giving the impression that the area is brighter and larger. If you’re limited on space or have a small or narrow room, hanging a wall mirror will prove to be extremely beneficial.

Additionally, a well-lit room appears airy, which makes it seem more spacious. Since wall mirrors magnify any light that comes into a room, they’ll make your space seem welcoming and open. Moreover, you can also save on energy costs since they help illuminate a room enough during the day and so you can avoid using artificial light that consumes electricity.

Decorative mirrors can fit any of your walls, from the hallways to the mantel in your living room, to your dining room, or your bedroom. Wherever you choose to position your mirror, it’ll always leave a pleasant illusion in the room, as long as you tactically place it. 

  1. Accent wall

Consider decorating the wall itself instead of installing objects on them. If you have a creative side, you can create an accent wall by painting it with a bright and bold color. An accent wall creates the illusion of a larger and more spacious room. 

Accent wall

Your accent wall can be one of the central walls which draws attention. This could be the wall that accommodates your fireplace in your living room or that which towers your headboard in the bedroom. You can maximize patterns with wallpaper, stenciling, or other creative paint techniques. 

Moreover, while focusing on the aesthetics of your accent wall, you can also consider adding functionality. For instance, soundproofing can be a beneficial feature, especially if noise is a concern in your home. Not only can a soundproof wall help create a quieter, more peaceful living environment, but with the right materials and techniques, it can also add to the overall aesthetic appeal.

Don’t be afraid to let your creativity loose and express yourself on your accent wall by going for not-so-common colors, such as amber, turquoise, or neon colors to reflect the vibrance inside you. The best thing about this process is that you don’t have to worry about mistakes since you can easily paint over them and redo what needs to be redone.

  1. Vintage wall décor 

Vintage signs or heirloom pieces can make any wall stand out and serve as a focal point of your room. It can also make great conversation-starters, especially when you hang them in your living room, dining area, or anywhere guests convene.

If you’re thinking of buying vintage wall décor, you should use visualizer apps to help you imagine how each piece would look in your actual room before you go ahead and complete the purchase. By doing so, you can ensure that the item complements your other décor before you spend money on it.

  1. Hanging instruments

Aside from hanging pictures and paintings of your favorite musicians, you can show people your passion for music by displaying your instruments on the walls. Guitarists and bassists, in particular, can create a guitar wall featuring their prized possessions. 

When hanging instruments on the wall, you should make sure to choose the right mount. You don’t want your instruments to fall and break. 

Wall decor ideas for makeover projects 7

Moreover, think about functionality as well. While you can always go for fancy mounts, it might be inconvenient for you to keep on unstrapping and unscrewing them whenever you want to play some music.

The best way to go is to use simple, padded brackets. There are lots of shapes, sizes, and materials to choose from, so pick the ones that complement the style of your music room or wherever you’ll be putting up your instruments.

For a minimalist look, you can even go for floating mounts. These are specifically made for stringed instruments like guitars since they hold the instrument by the neck or top strap screw. Then, it’s held in place by the bottom mount, which hooks with the bottom strap screw. This type of mount is relatively flexible since you can position the instruments vertically, horizontally, or diagonally, depending on your preference.

  1. Tapestries

Tapestries have, for a long time, been used for decoration purposes, from table covers to chair backs, in both private and public spaces. In Europe, tapestry weaving began in the second half of the 14th century and ran through to the end of the 18th century. Tapestries were a possession of the nobles of the societies. It’s said that Henry VIII had 2,000 tapestries hanging in several of his palaces.  

This may have been centuries ago, but the tapestry legacy is still ongoing. Presently, tapestries are still widely used in homes globally and so, if you’re thinking of adding some woven creativity to your wall, go for them. Not only will they reflect your rich sense of artistry, but will also show your appreciation of history.

And if history isn’t your thing, there are other modern themes of tapestries for you to choose from, including cultural themes such as Indian mandalas, nature-themed ones like glacial or mountainous tapestries, and many more. 

You can purchase the tapestry of your choice online or from local stores. Or if you’re up for it, attend an antique auction where you might spot a one-of-a-kind vintage tapestry that suits the style you’re going for. You can also get one custom-made for you if you want a more personal connection to it.

A tapestry can do well on one of your living room walls, perhaps dangling above that favorite couch of yours. You can also cover one of your bedroom walls, like the wall opposite your bed for example. A tapestry can add so much splendor to your walls. 

The amazing thing about tapestries is that you can easily move them. This could be from wall to wall in your home, or when moving houses, as all that’s required of you is to simply fold or roll them up and box them for transportation.

  1. Celestial patterns

Stars are universally beautiful, and they become even more magnificent when they join up to form a celestial pattern, otherwise known as a constellation. Constellations were popular in ancient Greek and Roman cultures. In present times, they aren’t recognized as much, except maybe by astronomers and generally anyone interested in space and all things interstellar. Celestial patterns

Therefore, if your interests lie within extraterrestrial fields, consider constellation patterns. The amazing thing about constellations is that you have over 88 patterns to choose from, so you’ll hardly run out of ideas. Furthermore, the patterns can work for any age group, whether you’re making it for yourself or your kid.

For mainstream ones, you can select from the following; Ursa Major, Ursa Minor, Orion, Taurus, or Gemini. Look up their pattern online, and if you need more convincing, just gaze up at the night sky and you’ll surely find at least one that will influence your selection process.  

You can then get an outlay template of your selected constellation, then design a motif with soft board pins in a color of your liking. Next, join the pins with the thread to bring out the complete image of the constellation. It’s not a difficult task—you can DIY, or get a friend to help. For an even better effect, use glow-in-the-dark materials.

You can then attach the finished artwork to a board and place it above your working desk, or on one of your bedroom walls. Not only will it reflect sophisticated beauty, but may also go a long way as an inspiration, for you or your child. 

Celestial patterns

  1. Your television

TVs have surely come a long way. From the cathode ray tubes back in the 1930s all the way to the flat screens embedded in our walls in these present times. Our inventing fathers would be really astonished by the progress we’ve made almost a century down the line.  

Today, there are modern TVs in the market that don’t take the conventional black and grey colors. The technological designs have significantly upgraded to the point where the TV bezel looks like a picture frame that may come in a range of colors. You can also get a customized bezel to your liking.

The fascinating thing about these TV sets is that when you turn them off, art—from an art store collaborating with your TV provider—comes on. To get the art in your collection, you’re required to make an annual subscription from the store. Another option is your personal photos, which can be added to your screen display collection.  

These smart TVs are best mounted on a wall, above the fireplace, or your media cabinet just facing one of your cozy couches, or on the wall facing your bed in the bedroom, or any other position where it’s more noticeable. You can always get assistance from TV mounting service providers if you need help putting it up.

If your pockets are up for it, get yourself one of these fine electronic equipment that isn’t just a source of entertainment, but is also a great art display. It’ll leave a jaw-dropping impression on your wall spaces.    

  1. Removable wallpaper

Wallpaper has a rich history, dating back to the mid-1500s when it was used as cupboard decoration, or to grace the walls of small rooms in middle-class houses. By the onset of the 20th century, this trend had been picked up by both the poor and the rich in many homes. Amazingly. it’s still applicable up to now.  

Removable wallpaper in your living room

Presently, you can find wallpapers that mostly come in the “peel and stick” range. These function as oversized stickers. They’re easily installed and removed, thus, making them very convenient if you’re up for some DIY activity. Additionally, you can also get other wallpaper options that come with the traditional sticking paste.  

Wallpapers come in an assortment of themes and patterns, including nature, floral, HD, landmarks, and many more. If you’re a photographer, a custom-made wallpaper of one of your photos can be a great selection too.

  1. Wall rugs

As with all other arts, wall rugs have an interesting history behind them. In the 1960s, the Russian government set up basic homes for their population. They weren’t fancy but they did the job for any regular person. Owing to the rudimentary nature of their construction, the walls to the apartments didn’t sufficiently shield their occupants from the freezing weather that dominated the regions. As a result, the inhabitants decided to double up the use of rugs, by not only using them to cover floors but walls as well.  

What began as a fundamental in survival is now being used as a decoration idea. This leads to the point, if you think your wall spaces are dull and empty, you can liven them up by hanging a wall rug with a striking pattern. Choose one wall in your living room, bedroom, or even lounge area to host it. Make sure to use strong hooks that can sustain the rug’s weight. You could also put up a dowel on your wall and throw the rug over it. 

A rug with vibrant patterns and colors will not only serve to invigorate your walls but will also add some warmth and snugness to your room. 


Wall décor has become an important part of any makeover project because of its ability to add value to any space. If you’re planning to liven up your rooms, an easy way to do so is by installing wall accessories.

You have the option to go for large-scale wall art or put up a gallery wall and fill a part of your room with pictures or paintings that have sentimental value. Mirrors are also a great way to decorate your walls while boosting the illumination of your space.

You can even unleash your creativity and paint an accent wall or wallpaper to express yourself. Vintage décor is eye-catching and can serve as conversation-starters, especially when you place them in your living rooms or places where you and your guests convene and enjoy each other’s company.

If you’re passionate about music and want others to know it, you can hang instruments and display your prized possessions. Your television can also be a source of not just entertainment, but beautiful art as well. Whatever your selection of wall décor, just make sure to invest in high-quality mounts to avoid damaging your cherished art pieces. 

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