17 Ways to Keep Your Kitchen Visually And Functionally Clutter Free


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What’s a home without a kitchen? Arguably, it’s one of the most important rooms in every house.

But keeping it clutter free and aesthetically pleasing is no easy task. However, it doesn’t have to be impossible.

With some imagination and inventiveness, kitchens can not only be free of all the junk but also can be eye catching. Here are some of the best ways to make your kitchen as uncluttered as possible.

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#1. Do You Use It?

It’s not a long stretch to say that you’ll have items in your kitchen that you don’t use anymore. So, take a look around. Which pots and pans do you frequently use in the kitchen? And what are the ones that you’ve used once or twice, and then left to collect dust for all of eternity?

Now, make a list of the things that you never use, and trash or donate them, as thefirst step to being free of clutter is to have fewer items.

#2. Clear Those Countertops

Did you ever take a look at home improvement magazines with pristine kitchens. What do they all have in common? Flawless countertops!

All the countertops in those magazine kitchens don’t have a single knife or cutting board lying around. They’re always sparkling clean.

That’s how you should keep your countertop too. Because that’s the first thing people tend to notice in a kitchen.

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#3. One In, One Out

Getting a new pan? Then it’s time to ditch the old one.This applies to other utensils too. So, whenever you’re buying something new for the kitchen, make sure you get rid of the old ones, or the things you don’t have much use for.

#4. Put It Away, Not Down

If you’re taking something out from one of your cabinets, be sure to put something else back in. This way, you don’t have too many things strewn everywhere.

It might sound like an extra work. But with time, it’ll be easier for you to keep your kitchen free of clutter.

#5. Your Fridge Isn’t A Post-It Collector

Sure, it might seem like a great idea to leave notes on the fridge for your family. The downside to this habit is that it makes your fridge wall look like a warzone. Magnets and post-its are a thing of the past. So just keep it simple.

And if you feel the need to tell your family about something, remember that they’re just a text away.

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#6. No, You Don’t Need All Those Cookbooks

Have one or two cookbooks in the kitchen? That’s not a problem.

But if you have a culinary library piling up, are, you’ll never get around to making even a quarter of all of them.

So, do what’s best for both you and your stack of unused cookbooks. Donate them to friends and family, or have a yard sale.Enf7dhhros8omep2pckx dufer food overhead hig res

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#7. Install An Under-Cabinet Range Hood

Regular range hoods are useful, but with wires and conduits hanging everywhere, they’re not as aesthetic,

An under-cabinet range hood could be a perfect solution to get rid of this problem. It is installed under a cabinet, and filters or circulates air without a chimney that’s jutting out awkwardly into your kitchen. Best under cabinet range hoods are not that difficult to install. And they  can go a long way in keeping the look of your kitchen intact.

Above it all, they wouldn’t have all that nasty gunk all over them during the course of usage.

#8. Have A Messy Drawer

Yes, you read that right. We’re encouraging messy drawers.

It’s great to have a clutter-free kitchen, but not everything is going to fit into a perfect mold. So, leave one drawer to be messy at all times.

This way, when you’re done cooking or finished cleaning up, you can dump things that don’t have a specific place to be kept.

#9. One Chore A Day

This simple plan of compartmentalizing the work makes a lot of sense, especially when you don’t want your chores piling up.

So, instead of taking out the trash, doing the dishes, and cleaning the kitchen, all on the weekend, cater each task to a specific day, and see where that takes you.

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#10. Keep Whatever You Can In Cabinets

Fewer the things in sight, lesser the clutter. And achieving this task is not a herculean task

All you have to do is place whatever you can in cabinets, including Food, pots, pans, spices, and so on This keeps them out of sight and makes your kitchen look a lot cleaner than it actually is.

Another way to make your kitchen a lot more pleasing is to coordinate the decor of your cabinets to suit your house. This way, you will have a matching set of cabinets in your kitchen that works with the rest of the interiors.

#11. Minimalism Works, Every Time

Minimalism is the practice of having as less as absolutely possible.

Since minimalism follows the bare basics for survival, there will be a fewer things for you toto worry about. You don’t need a dozen plates and cups lying down in your cabinets all the time Just stick to the what is essential.

And if you have friends coming over, you can get paper plates and cups.

But having as few items as possible makes it that much easier to keep everything organized.

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#12. Check Your Pantry And Freezer

We all have the bad habit of keeping things in the freezer long after it’s gone bad.

Do yourself a favor and toss them out. No one is ever going to touch it, and they’re a waste of space.

On the other hand, if something hasn’t gone bad, but you know you won’t ever use i agait, then donate it to the local food bank. That way, at least someone in need gets to have a meal.

#13. Fancy Coffee Mugs and Teacups

Will you be needing all of those coffee mugs and teacups you got as a present? Probably not.

So, find the ones that are broken, chipped, or doesn’t work for you anymore, just toss them out or donate them wherever you can. You can also do this to the ceramics that you’re done using.

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#14. Not All Kitchen Gadgets Are Useful

There are always those moments where you’d have made an impulsive purchase.

A fancy new food processor that has fifteen different functions, a juicer that can also work as a shredder, or just anything – we’ve all been there.

If you have something like that in your kitchen, and you haven’t used it for more than a period of six months, then my friend, it’s time to trash it.

#15. Don’t Keep Every Single Dish Towel

Old dish towels aren’t just useless; they’re filthy. Also, it makes no sense to keep a set of old towels in the kitchen when you know you’ve switched to a new one. So just throw the rest of them out.

#16. Clear Up Your Cleaning Supplies

Check your cleaning supplies every now and then. And make sure to see if there are any empty bottles which you won’t be needing.

Then, make a list of what you need and what you don’t and trash out the latter.

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#17. Hang Up Your Oven Mitts

Don’t make a mistake of leaving your oven mitts around.

If you don’t have a nail to hang them on, then just hang them on  the wall and clean up your kitchen countertop. This surely adds a nice aesthetic touch to the overall look of your kitchen.

Keeping your kitchen clutter-free doesn’t have to be a tedious daily chore. With a few inventive ideas and a small effort here and there, it can be a cakewalk. So, if you can follow a few or most of these ideas,, then you’ll find that your kitchen is a lot nicer and cleaner than it used to be. There are plenty of other ideas that you can use to clean up your kitchen as well. This is just the tip of the iceberg.


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