When is The Right Time to Replace My Windows?

In a life driven by deadlines and commutes, who gets the chance to give their windows a second thought?

And by the time you give it that much needed second look, it’s already too late.

You notice that your windows don’t look like how you had remembered it. And if that is the case then perhaps your windows might need a change.

There can be several reasons as to what can damage your windows and even more visible signs that press the need for replacement.

Today, let us take this chance and discuss a few signs that should act as an indicator of immediate window treatment, for this article we have been advised and consulted by specialists like Toronto window replacement to which we publicly thank here.

The Right Time to Replace My Windows

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  1. Do your window panes jam a lot?

Moisture tends to accumulate a lot causing certain parts of your window to rot. This can lead to your windows jamming, with you having to use a considerable amount of force in opening and closing them. This can be very harmful to both you and the window.

A window jam can also happen due to rust or if a particular fixture is left unused for a very long period.

It is always advisable to replace these parts as soon as you can and if possible install a much modern and advanced version of them.

  1. Does mold plague your window panes?

Mold and moisture are one of the worst enemies to deal with when it comes to windows. Not only will they infect the air that you breathe in your living space, but they will also accelerate the erosion of your window panes.  

If the mold gets too bad, then it will lead to the possible risk of your windows falling apart any day.

Generally, such a problem is overlooked, and it is always better to consider all the health issues that are associated with it. Window replacement can save a lot more than just money.

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  1. Feel a chill even under warm conditions?

If you are feeling relatively cooler as compared to the warmer weather outside then it is probably for best to check on your windows.

The decrease in the quality of insulation that the window panes provide might just be the issue that is dampening your living space.

Summer might not be much of an issue if the insulation is weak, but you will be facing considerable problems in the dead of winter. Why then not go or a more pocket-friendly option of replacing your windows than investing in an expensive heater?

  1. Your windows often bear stormy weather?

For areas prone to storms and blizzards the windows work extra time to keep the rain and snow from getting in.

It won’t be astonishing if you see a lot of damage caused to the windows and doors of these houses.

And even if you see minor damage along the glass and the panes and hinges, replacing it with a newer window would be wiser before another storm comes knocking. Keeping up with proper window maintenance in these turbulent areas is of utmost importance.

  1. Do the windows seem to be coming out of their frames?

Windows that take minor damage over time, possibly from the natural elements can be very quickly repaired. But if they are cracked, broken or crooked which qualifies as severe damage, then replacement might be the only option.

Damaged windows will refuse to open and close properly and fail to keep the natural elements and pollution at bay. And the more broken they get, the more expensive will window treatment become for you.

Considering replacement when you see the damage, is always the wiser choice.

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  1. Pest and other critters inhabit your living space?

Majority of the houses have a pest or insect issue, and not only are they a health hazard for the human inhabitants but doors and windows as well. If your home is prone to infestations, then you better start checking those fixtures.

When considering a window replacement, it is always important to keep in mind the loss of furniture R-value. The R-value is the energy efficiency that exists in the solid objects of your home. Damage caused to wood structures by infestation can have a diminished R-value as high as 50% if overlooked.

Damaged fixtures if left unchecked can act as breeding grounds for the next infestation to happen.

  1. Do you see rust between the frames?

A problem you cannot escape no matter where you are. Rust has the ability to reduce your windows into mere splinters.

The metal locks, frames, and hinges are the most important pillars for any household window; they even protect the inhabitants from various outside threats.

It would surely not feel right if someone came huffing and puffing to blow your windows down. The rusted structure can break at any point, and anyone can enter. Hence without a doubt replacement is reasonably advisable for this.

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  1. Faulty Pipeline and drainage leading to water damage

Damaged pipeline structures and failing drainage systems can cause severe water damage to your windows.

Water damage can cause your fixtures to rot away sooner than you think. As the damage is more insidious, it rots out parts from within the vital frames itself.

Faulty pipelines that have affected your residential structure show signs in the form of decaying, puffed up or damp frames and surfaces. You should immediately replace them at this stage and should not leave it untreated.

  1. Salt in the air

If you live in a coastal area, then this point is significant for you. Though nothing beats the beauty and vitality of a coastal home, it is a not so promising existence for your windows.

Windows located in the coastal parts tend to get severely damaged over time.

The primary concern behind this is the existence of salt in the air. This salt chemically reacts with the organic and inorganic elements present in the fixtures which ultimately makes them brittle and causes them to corrode.

The sooner this problem is noticed, the better can it be tackled.

Final thoughts

Today we have covered a few of the initial signs of damage to your windows, which if left unobserved can lead to severe consequences. So keep your eyes open and start checking for damage right away.  

Hope our guide was able to solve a few of your window maintenance questions, if you are ever uncertain, do contact a specialist, local services, in our humble opinion, are always worth it over the big international brands.

Till next time!

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