Why Should You Consider A Washer Dryer Combo?

Regular laundry can be a frustrating and tiring chore. What if a washer dryer combo could help you complete it more efficiently?

Wouldn’t it be great if you could simply shove your dirty laundry into the machine, only to come back home and find them thoroughly washed and dried? Well, you don’t have to wait for the next biggest technological advancement to get there – a washer dryer combo can do just that!

While the apparent appeal of not having to spend time hanging up wet clothes on a line sounds great, there’s much more to it. This guide will tell you the other advantages of getting a washer dryer combo and how you can best utilize it.

Moreover, if you are worried about the extra cost – don’t be! You will find a great pick of budget as well as luxurious washer dryer combo machines for your needs.

So, without further ado, let’s get right to the deets!

Considering A Washer Dryer Combo?

Why should you consider a washer dryer combo 3

Who wouldn’t love to own a machine that promises to do two jobs in one? With the washer dryer combo, you get precisely what you ask for. The combo machine is an excellent choice for those who want convenience, efficiency and a time-saving tool. Furthermore, it is both space-saving and energy-saving.

If we have piqued your curiosity, then read on to know the advantages of purchasing one for your home.

  1. They Save Space

One of the most obvious advantages that come to mind with any combo machine is the space they help you save. The smaller your home space is, the more you will appreciate having a combo machine.

A washer dryer combo does the job of both a washing machine and a dryer. So, it helps you save the space that the second machine would have taken in your home.

  1. They Are Good For Emergencies

Now, if you want to be environment-conscious, it would make sense to choose to hang your clothes up in your backyard. But what happens when there is a downpour? What if the climate outside is too humid to dry your clothes efficiently?

Moreover, what if you don’t have a place for hanging up a clothesline? You may also face situations where you need to wash and dry your clothes overnight, to wear them the next day. In these scenarios, waiting for your wet clothes to naturally dry might not be a good option.

A washer dryer combo can help you efficiently clean as well as dry your clothes in all these situations. In more advanced models, you will find a feature that gently tumble dries your clothes until you are ready to remove them. This process ensures that creases and wrinkles don’t ruin your clothes by the time you are ready to wear them.

  1. They Are Affordable

Does the concept of a washer dryer combo sound inherently expensive to you? If it does, you’d be pleasantly surprised to know that they are quite reasonable.

Like any other appliance, you will find high-end and budget models for washer dryer combos too. Of course, the high-end models will be far more luxurious, complex and would even have a few extra features, which add to your convenience significantly.

However, if you are a budget shopper and are looking for an affordable option, you will find several brands and models catering to your requirements. If you’re looking to buy a standalone washer and dryer for your laundry days, it would be far more economical to opt for a washer dryer combo instead.

  1. Get The Job Done With Minimal Intervention

One of the biggest reasons why homeowners opt for a washer dryer combo is to reduce their efforts. With standalone machines, you are expected to use your washer, and then separately dry the laundry on a clothing line or in a dryer.

In the case of a combo machine, the job gets done in one go, with minimal intervention from you. You don’t need to press any separate buttons, or even remove the clothes once they are washed. The machine automatically does it for you so that you can return to clean, dry clothes after a long day.

  1. You Can Run Them Separately

Just because you have the choice of running a washer and a dryer doesn’t mean you have to.

Many people wonder if they really need to use all the features of a combo machine to optimize its use. Well, no! You can choose to use just the washer, and use the dryer only for emergencies.

You might be making this choice to save water or energy. Or you might be okay with hand drying your laundry on most days and wish to use the dryer only for certain occasions. Whatever your reasons are, you can always choose to use the combo machine separately.

In fact, that is how you can optimally use the washer dryer combo according to your needs. Optimizing its usage does not mean using all of its features at once. It simply means having the convenience to use the different components as and when you require them.

  1. Reduces Your Footprint

Everyone wants to be environment-conscious. Reducing your carbon footprint is imperative to secure a sustainable future for generations to come. Unfortunately, many of our household appliances end up leaving behind substantial carbon footprints.

It is, however, possible to reduce your carbon footprint with some easy steps. Opting for a washer dryer combo, instead of two separate standalone machines can help you do this.

Using the combo machine over time will not only save energy and costs but eventually cuts your carbon footprint. Moreover, it is always an exciting feeling when you end up saving money while being environmentally conscious. The washer dryer combo does the job of two machines in one, thus reducing your footprint by half.

Why should you consider a washer dryer combo 5

Washer Dryer FAQs 

  • How Does A Washer Dryer Combo Work?

The working mechanism of a washer dryer combo isn’t too complicated. It works as smoothly and efficiently as a standalone washer and a standalone dryer. Interestingly, although the washer portion of the combo machine works almost the same way as a standalone machine, the dryer uses a slightly more complicated process.

  • How Does The Washer Work?

The washer process in the combo machine is straightforward. You add the water and detergent, add your dirty laundry, press the correct buttons, and voila! You end up with fresh smelling, clean clothes in no time.

  • How Does the Dryer Work?

The dryer component in a washer dryer combo is a sealed system and a condenser dryer. The condenser dryer system captures the moisture from your wet clothes, using it in the process of drying them.

The process works like this – Dry, warm air is pushed through your wet clothes, extracting moisture in the process. This humid moisture is then cooled in a heat exchanger within the machine. After this, the condensed air is collected in a tank (or in some cases, pumped down the drain).

The dry air goes through a reheating process, and the entire cycle repeats itself to dry your clothes efficiently.

  • What Is The Heat Exchanger?

Although the name sounds like a fancy piece of technology, it is really quite simple. The hot, humid air is passed through metal fins with a large surface area, facilitating their cooling process. It works similarly to the radiators of cars.

In standalone dryers, the metal fins are cooler. However, in the case of a washer dryer combo, water is used instead of this. Since water conducts heat more efficiently, it is quite an engineering genius.

After a few cycles of cooling the water using the heat exchanger, the water becomes too warm to use. At this point, fresh, cool water is drawn from your tap, and the used water is discarded down the drain.

  • How Much Water Is Used?

Now comes the bad news. It turns out that a significant amount of water is used in the drying process. In fact, in many cases, we notice that more water is used for drying than for washing.

On average, a 3.5 kg load could take about 35 liters of water to dry. However, this amount may vary according to the model and technology of your washer dryer combo. It could also vary with the amount of moisture in your clothes.

Fortunately, if you do not mind spending a little more money on better technology to save water, you can opt for a washer dryer combo that uses heat pump technology to dry your clothes. In this case, you will end up saving the excess water, which is otherwise used in water-cooled condensers.

However, keep in mind that the advanced technology also represents a steeper price tag.

  • What Is The Capacity Of A Washer Dryer Combo?

Before narrowing down the search for your next dryer combo, there are a few things you need to know.

Although the combo machine is very efficient and energy-saving, the washing and drying capacities are different. Typically, the drying capacity of your machine will only be half of its washing capacity. So if your combo machine has the capacity to wash 5 kg of clothes in one load, it will only be able to dry 2.5 kilograms at a time.

This is because while washing clothes does not require much space between them, drying does. In the case of washing, you can tightly pack your laundry and get the wash done efficiently. However, when drying the same load, you will have to give them some space to breathe in order to dry optimally.

This just means that the same load will take two separate loads for drying it since the air needs more space to circulate in the dryer.

While this is not an issue, it can be inconvenient if you are looking to get your laundry done in a hurry. Moreover, each load can take quite a few hours to dry completely, causing frustration for many users.

  • How Long Does The Dryer Take?

Another little quirk you might find in washer dryer combos is how long the dryer takes to dry each load efficiently. In some cases, the entire process takes up to 6 hours. However, in most cases, the dryer can take about 3 to 3.5 hours to dry one load.

This is quite a long period to wait, more so if you need to dry more than one load at a time. You will have to wait for each load to finish drying entirely, and only then be able to put in your second load. It becomes quite inconvenient and time-consuming, especially if you are in a hurry to get multiple loads done.

  • How Can You Get It Done Faster?

While there is no way to speed up the drying process in the combo machine itself, you could use a few tricks to get the job done faster.

If you have more than one load of laundry waiting to be dried, you could choose to run the dryer for just enough time to squeeze out most of the excess water. Allow the dryer to process the wet clothes until they are only slightly damp – and then remove the load and hang them up to dry on the clothesline.

Meanwhile, you can get the other wet load into the dryer and repeat the process. We understand that in order to do this efficiently, you need to have time on your hands. It is impossible to get this done if you are on a time crunch, need to go to work, or simply find the process exhausting. 

  • Is A Washer Dryer Combo Worth It?

Depending on your requirements, a washer dryer combo is a perfect addition to your home. If you were to opt for a standalone washer and dryer, it would not only cost you more but would also require more space in your home.

For those living in apartments, space-saving can be a huge issue, and a two-in-one appliance is always a welcome addition.

Furthermore, the combo machine makes perfect sense for busy individuals who cannot afford the time to wash and then dry their laundry individually. Although the dryer function can take a few hours to dry your laundry entirely, it is not an issue if you are looking for your laundry to be done at the end of the day – or even overnight.

Those individuals who suffer from mobility issues, dragging wet laundry from one machine to another, or even a clothesline can be painful and frustrating. With a combo machine, you don’t ever have to worry about switching between machines.

Final Words

After giving you an extensive guide about washer dryer combos, we have carefully weighed out the pros and cons for you. Like any appliance, there are positive and negative points to this one too. However, in our opinion, the pros outweigh the cons by a significant margin.

We hope that our comprehensive guide helped you understand the various uses and advantages of a washer dryer combo. They are an excellent choice for the busy homemaker or workaholic individuals.

It is essential to check out all the features, designs, and dimensions before selecting the best washer dryer combo for your home.

With that, we wish you all the best!  

Why should you consider a washer dryer combo 2

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