Window Pains: Stained Glass Faces Dark Days

Window Pains: Stained Glass Faces Dark Days

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Window pains: stained glass faces dark days

When it comes to stained-glass windows in churches, Kevin O’Dea’s views are crystal clear.

“Honestly, it makes me more comfortable not to see any at all,” says Mr. O’Dea, a 34-year-old real-estate agent from Norfolk, Va., who belongs to a nondenominational church called Wave, which has a 2,500-seat, windowless worship space.

Wave’s contemporary look—there is no steeple and no organ, either—gives the church a vibe more like a rock venue than a house of worship.

“Changing with the times is an OK thing,” Mr. O’Dea says.

For devotees of stained glass, these may be the dark ages.

After a couple of millennia of sustained popularity, the stained-glass industry is showing serious cracks. Declining church attendance is playing a role, as is the growth of nondenominational congregations like Wave that pine for a more modern aesthetic. ….

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