Woodnest Cabin

Few things can measure up to the contentment of living in your dream cabin right in the middle of the forest. Nature lovers will especially relate to the excitement of envisioning a seemingly ordinary wood cabin surrounded by colossal trees and a panoramic view of the snow-capped mountains.

One such cabin, called Woodnest Cabin, has been designed by the exceedingly creative and expert architects Helen & Hard. Measuring a mere 15 square meters, this wood cabin is what many would call “an introvert’s paradise.”

Woodnest Cabin

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Woodnest Cabin has integrated the extraordinary sensation of crawling deep into nature with a unique spatial experience of being suspended in the air amid trees. The most challenging aspect of this creative cabin project would be the architects’ exceptional ability to build a cabin that is supported by only one narrow tree.

What Does It Look Like?

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From inside Woodnest Cabin, dwellers can enjoy a complete 360-degree panoramic view of the mountains, forests, and nature, without the hindrance of columns and unsightly architectural structures. The room is entirely covered with black alder panels that provide the space with a warm, cozy, and refined atmosphere.

From the outside, the cabin is constructed around a rigid steel pipe that was first cut in half and then attached again around the chosen tree. This rigid structure became the “backbone” of the foundation, around which the rest of Woodnest Cabin was built.

How Was It Built?

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Two steel wires were used to attach the tree horizontally while ensuring that the entire weight of the cabin goes vertically downwards. Strategic engineering ensures that the tree trunk does not experience excessive loads that could cause it to crack or collapse. As you can guess, this aspect is critical, especially while building a safe dwelling spot.

Finally, using double plywood ribs, space was constructed around this rigid bridge. This was formed in a radial shape that defined the enclosed space, which would later be turned into an enchanting living space.

If building a cabin on a living tree wasn’t challenging enough, the architects also had to consider another important aspect – how to acclimatize the room. To begin with, HVAC systems had to be installed, and government approval was pending. However, these challenges seemed to motivate them even more to finally create their majestic “cabin in the woods” project.

Where Is It Located?

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The beautiful Woodnest Cabin is located in the midst of the steep, heavily-forested hillside of Hardangerfjord above Odda, Norway. Taking their surroundings as a point of inspiration, the architects have skillfully built the suspended treehouse to blend in seamlessly while providing their inhabitants with a haven.

Each treehouse has been built on a suspension of 5 to 6 m above the ground. To get there, one must walk up the sturdy elevated wooden stair. However, don’t be fooled by its innocuous “treehouse” name or appearance.

Inside, you will find one double bed and two single beds, a kitchenette, a bathroom and shower, and not to forget, hi-speed Wi-Fi. Although truth to be told, most people wouldn’t think of connecting to the internet when you can enjoy the panoramic view of the magnificent Hardanger fjord.

Why Should You Go There?

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Whether you want to get away for a romantic couples’ weekend or go solo, this warm, luxurious treehouse will inevitably enthrall you into the goodness of the Norweigan Woods. Sit back and relax on the handcrafted and hand-picked chairs that have added a touch of luxury to the treehouse in their own little way.

Most importantly, the designers have taken umpteen steps to ensure that each product used has been locally sourced and is entirely non-toxic and environment-friendly.

This is your chance to envelop yourself in the majestic glory of Norway and its natural beauty!

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