17 Incredibly Epic Small Camper Trailers That Will Lead You Outdoors

Whether you are a lone wolf traveling across the country, a camping aficionado with a significant other, or a growing family that loves to travel, you’ve probably thought about owning a small camper. After all, nothing feels better than cruising by the countryside or driving along the highway in one of these fully-equipped compact vehicles.

In this guide, you’re going to learn about the 17 top compact camping trailers that we believe are just right for your needs. Our list has one for every budget and family size. So read along to find your favorite camping trailer!

The 17 Best Small Camper List

  1. Cricket Camper by Taxa Outdoors

The Cricket Camper by Taxa Outdoors might look unassuming at first sight, but it has a lot going for it. This camping trailer may be quite compact and lightweight, but it makes most of its limited space to accommodate two adults along with two children. Does the Cricket Camper have any more intuitive features?

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Of course, it does! This camping trailer has a V-berth Bed with under-bed storage, which can be converted to a lounge as well. Surprisingly, this tiny camping trailer even has space for a large kitchen counter. Moreover, it features 120 V inlet for shore power connection, and it can also last more than three days Off Grid.

  1. High Camp Trailer

The High Camp Trailer features a masterful teardrop design. Its retro looks are sure to make heads turn wherever you take it. However, that is not all; this tiny trailer makes maximum use of its space by having a full sized kitchen counter in the rear section by making use of some clever pull-out trays.

High camp trailers

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Although the trailer is tiny, its interior is large enough to accommodate a full-size double bed. Moreover, the use of light-colored wood gives the illusion of more space in the interior. There is also enough storage in the cabin to stow away all your stuff. If you are a young couple on the lookout for a small camper, then we believe that you should shortlist the High Camp Trailer.

  1. Safari Condo Alto R1713 Camping Trailer

The Safari Condo Alto R1713 camping trailer comes from the renowned R series stable of the Safari Condo brand. Both the Safari Condo R series camping trailers feature a unique teardrop design with a highly intuitive retractable roof. We will get into the differences between the two when we cover its elder sibling, the Alto R1723 Camping Trailer.


via: www.safaricondo.com

The retractable roof can expand to let a lot of light into the cabin and make it seem much larger than it is. Apart from a large double bed, this camping trailer also comes with its own toilet, exterior shower outlet, and two distinct dining areas. Moreover, the front dining area can be converted to a surprisingly spacious 36″ X 81″ single bed.

  1. Safari Condo Alto R1723 Camping Trailer

Although the Safari Condo Alto R1723 Camping Trailer is considered as the elder sibling of the Safari Condo Alto R1713 camping trailer, it is actually not larger in size. In fact, it only differs in features, and the R1723 model comes with the addition of an intuitive interior shower over its less expensive counterpart.

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via: www.safaricondo.com

However, it sacrifices the size of the double bed to do so. This camping trailer features a queen size double bed instead of the king size double bed in the R1713 model. So is it worth purchasing the Safari Condo Alto R1723 Camping Trailer over the R 1713? Well, it depends on how much importance you give to the interior shower.

  1. Safari Condo Alto F1743 Camping Trailer 

The Safari Condo Alto F1743 Camping Trailer is a cheaper alternative to the widely acclaimed R series camping trailers. Unlike its more expensive counterparts, this model does not feature a retractable roof. However, it is sufficiently large on the inside and can easily accommodate up to 4 people.

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via: www.safaricondo.com

Moreover, it features a large bathroom cabinet with a fixed flush toilet. On top of that, you also get a full-size kitchen counter with a two-burner LPG flush mount stove and a small but useful 3.1 cubic feet fridge. We believe that this camping trailer comes with all the necessary features so that you can live off the grid for quite some time.

  1. Gidget Bondi Camping Trailer

The Gidget Bondi is yet another teardrop shaped camping trailer with a retro design. However, unlike other camping trailers, the Gidget brand offers a host of personalization options to make your Gidget Bondi truly unique. You can choose between multiple body color options, wheel guard colors, and interior timber swatches as well.


via: www.thegidget.com

Although the Gidget Bondi Camping Trailer is quite compact, it still manages to feature a host of equipment in the interior. It comes with a 24 inch LED TV with an inbuilt USB port and CD player, a two-burner gas cooktop and even an energy efficient solar panel system and LED lighting. If you are a camping aficionado with a small family, then you surely need to shortlist this unique camping trailer.

  1. Gidget Noosa Camping Trailer

The Gidget Noosa camping trailer is very similar to the Bondi model. In fact, you can consider this as the XL version of the Bondi camping trailer. However, it is not just larger in size, but it also comes with a few extra features that make it worth the upgrade.

Gidget noosa 1

via: www.thegidget.com

The Noosa camping trailer has a much larger kitchen area compared to the Bondi model. The closed kitchen storage of the Noosa model measures in at 46.5 gallons, which is a fair bit larger than the 14-gallon storage in the Bondi camping trailer. The biggest advantage of purchasing the Noosa over the Bondi is that you get the option of upgrading the wardrobe storage to a shower/toilet compartment.

  1. KNAUS DESEO Camping Trailer

Compared to the compact teardrop shaped camping trailers, the KNAUS DESEO is not only a step up in size, but it also offers the next level of luxury. Even with its large size, this model makes the most use of its space with intuitive storage compartments along with a host of equipment.

Deseo by knaus small lightweight travel trailer

via: www.knaus.com

This model has all the necessary features you expect from a camping trailer of that size. It comes with an incredibly sleek retractable LED TV to keep you entertained on your camping trips. In addition to that, you get an incredibly modern interior design which enhances the sense of space.


The KNAUS SPORT&FUN is yet another high-quality camping trailer from the German brand. It is just a little larger than the DESEO model, but it offers a superior luxurious experience in our humble opinion. This camping trailer is perfect for going on a long holiday as it features a large kitchen area along with a substantial 145 L refrigerator.

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via: www.knaus.com

Other than its spacious kitchen counter and the no-compromises bathroom, we also love the unique upholstery used in this product. The colorful upholstery not only livens up the cabin but it also provides a luxurious feel in the hand.

  1. KNAUS TRAVELINO Camping Trailer

The KNAUS TRAVELINO is the smallest camping trailer from the German brand. However, it is still a fair bit larger than the tiny teardrop shaped camping trailers featured on this list. You have all the necessary features including a small bath area, two double beds to sleep four people, and even a large kitchen counter.

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via: www.knaus.com

Just like its elder siblings, this small camper features a modern interior design which uses light-colored materials to give you an enhanced sense of space. There is one area where you just cannot fault the Germans- intuitive engineering. This camping trailer features highly functional yet attractive LED lights in the rear with sweeping turn signal indicators.

  1. Happier Camper Camping Trailer

The retro design of the Happier Camper camping trailer is a throwback to the Volkswagen Microbus days. If you are a fan of the Volkswagen Microbus, then you surely need to check out this product. We believe that you will also love the two-tone retro color combination of this camping trailer.

Happier camper

via: happiercamper.com

However, it is not just about the design; this camping trailer is quite practical too. In fact, makes the most use of its space to give you a compromise-free camping experience. Moreover, just like the Gidget camping trailers, this product is also highly customizable to make it truly reflect your personality.

  1. Airstream Nest Camping Trailer

No list of Best Small Campers would be complete without an Airstream product, and the Airstream Nest is quite an interesting and capable example. If there ever were a perfect phrase to describe this camping trailer, it would be “The Perfect Blend of Retro and Futuristic Design.”

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via: www.airstream.com/nest

In fact, we will go on to say that this is surely the most attractive and practical camping trailer featured on our list. However, your mileage may vary. The wraparound glass in the front not only looks good from the outside, but it also offers a splendid view from the interior. Before we move on to the next product, we must say that this camping trailer is not on sale as of the time of writing this guide, but it will soon be released in 2022.

  1. Hutte Hut Camping Trailer

While most camping trailers feature a pretty mundane exterior design, the Hutte Hut camping trailer truly stands out with its incredibly classy design. In fact, many newspapers and magazines have showered its design with praise.

Hutte ext3

via: xn--httehut-n2a.com

However, this small camper is not for everyone. It is priced north of its $ 60,000, and we believe that it is only worth that kind of cash if you put great importance on design, high-quality handcrafting and rich materials.

  1. Airstream Sport Camping Trailer

The Airstream sport camping trailer is yet another excellent product from the Airstream brand. It comes with the generic Airstream design and has quite a few useful features to make it highly practical. This camping trailer has two variants, namely, the Sport 16RB and the Sport 22FB.

via: www.airstream.com

While both these variants can easily accommodate four people, our pick of the two would be the Sport 22FB camping trailer as it offers more space to move around. Moreover, we believe the Sport 22FB model is well worth the extra cash over its smaller sibling.

  1. KNAUS SÜDWIND Camping Trailer

The KNAUS SÜDWIND is the largest camping trailer featured on our list of The 17 Best Compact Camping Trailers. However, it is not just about its large size; this camping trailer is packed with many luxurious elements to make sure that your camping experience does not have any compromises.


via: www.knaus.com

This small camper comes with a host of luxurious features, including a modern, high-quality interior design, soft close drawers, and plush upholstery. It is available in multiple layouts and sizes, and we feel that unless you have more than six members to carry around, one of the variants will surely be perfect for you.

  1. Airstream Basecamp Camping Trailer

If you are on the lookout for a camping trailer which offers a wholesome experience for two people, then you should surely shortlist the Airstream Basecamp camping trailer. Not only do you get a bathroom, a large kitchen counter, but you also get a full-size double bed, along with the ability to carry your camping gear.

16 airstream basecamp navigation unit

via: www.airstream.com

The Basecamp camping trailer makes more sense compared to the other Airstream products featured on our list if you are only planning on traveling with your significant other. However, if you have two children or more, we believe that you should look elsewhere.

  1. KNAUS SPORT Camping Trailer

What better way to end our list than with the incredible KNAUS SPORT camping trailer. In fact, this product won the honor of the Best Caravan of the year 2017 because of its brilliant blend of practicality with high-quality, reliable elements.


via: www.knaus.com

While this small camper may not offer the same level of luxury is its elder sibling, the KNAUS SÜDWIND, it surely offers a much better price to performance ratio.

Bonus Entry – CLC Teardrop Camper RV Kits

Kurt Westerlund names it on Facebook the best one out there and if we were to cast a glance over the kit and its specifications we might soon support his claim.

Teardrop bob lawless and jen hanlon tahoe ca

The teardrop camper looks phenomenal, can easily be nestled in any scenery and thanks to its timeless design, resilient materials and small form factor the RV can be called a highly versatile timeless design piece that can easily double as an iconic design statement without sacrificing comfort.

Do you agree with Kurt, we would love to hear from you !

via: www.clcboats.com

Final words

That brings us to the end of this article, and now that you have read our list of The 17 Best Small Campers, we are confident that you will find your dream camping trailer right here. The biggest adventure of your life might just be waiting on your next trip.

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