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There are many jobs at home that can be completed using a ladder but there are many other projects you will not want to undertake because a ladder doesn’t provide enough safety
Getting a job in one of the world’s top architecture firms is a dream come true for most students of the discipline. However, the one problem that every applicant faces in any job application is that of rejection. And when...
Horse Museum, South Korea / Jegong Architects

Horse Museum, South Korea / Jegong Architects

This low-budget museum is located at small village called Gasiri in Jeju island, the volcanic island in Korea. The villagers have initiated various cultural enterprise to boost local economy of the region and the horse museum is one of...
Very few experiences can match the satisfaction of building a great-looking house in Terraria. The vast number of options, plus the various requirements, make the process incredibly fun, yet at the same time, pretty challenging. The feeling of exhilaration that...
House JA / Filipe Pina + Ines Costa

House JA / Filipe Pina + Ines Costa

Located on the north-center of Portugal, the house was meant to combine the rural and the urban lifestyle.
Established in 2001 by the brother-sister team of Joe and Catherine Bartolomei, the Farmhouse Inn combines the intimacy of a country inn with the sophisticated luxury of a world-class hotel

The Perigon Condos in Miami

Besides being a dream destination among travelers, Miami is considered an ideal permanent living option among young professionals. After all, the city is a melting pot of different cultures that boasts unmatched nightlife and near-perfect weather all year round. And...
Drones, also called unmanned aerial vehicles or UAVs, have become quite popular recently for recreational purposes.  Originally developed for military needs, drones have been adapted to make them usable for other purposes, such as photography. They can access areas and...
Miami - the name of the city itself invokes a sense of warmth, adventure, serenity, excitement, and of course, luxury! Its contrast between the flashy cityscape and the tranquil view of the ocean makes Miami a hot topic among travelers...
Thought South Beach is the most happening neighborhood in Miami? Think again, as Brickell is slowly but steadily becoming everyone’s choice of residence in Florida.  Thanks to its near-perfect weather, safe environment, and vibrant lifestyle, Brickell is one of the...
Chotto Matte Restaurant, London, UK

Chotto Matte Restaurant, London, UK

Fusing Japanese and Peruvian food and culture, Chotto Matte brings modern Tokyo underground to a 1960s residential building in Soho.
The Mansard Roof has been in existence since the 16th century. However, it was not until the early 17th century that this roofing style gained in popularity. Ever since then, the Mansard roof has become an integral part of...
If one seeks the perfect architecture position, one simply needs the perfect architecture portfolio. A portfolio is something really unique, a glossary of our personality, our thoughts, our creative thinking process, our ability to express ourselves through different mediums. We...

Condos Vs House | All You Need to Know

A condo might sound like a good deal among expensive properties but keep in mind that condos are difficult to resell. Despite the cheaper rates, minimum maintenance costs and great amenities, condos have a small buyers market, making the...
Biscornet / [BP] Architectures

Biscornet / [BP] Architectures

Is there an architect who has not dreamed of designing a building for the Biscornet site, which lay abandoned for so long? Its location is truly spectacular: slightly set back from the Place de la Bastille, it lies where the rue de Lyon and the road running along the canal basin meet; on one side you have a perspective towards the Gare de Lyon, on the other a view of the Bassin de l’Arsenal.
The ruins mark the structure of the buildings. The Roman forum formalizes the plane of foundations and drains. In the old town, my building sets out to express itself as pure structure—no cladding, no finishes.
Tagus Linear Park / Topiaris

Tagus Linear Park / Topiaris

The park combines two different typologies of spaces: A single multifunctional area named ‘"FISHERMEN’S BEACH", set by the riverside within a former sand deposit, and 6 km of PEDESTRIAN TRAILS associated with dirt roads..
Iconic structures were not made in a day. To conceive an idea on such a grandiose level is no joke to begin with, but it takes even more than that just to come up with the blueprint of that...

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