76 Best Architecture Scholarships To Consider in 2023

Having a successful career in architecture is a dream for many, but not everyone can afford to go to college at their own expense. 

If you’re faced with such a situation and feel indecisive and confused about future studies, we suggest looking through scholarship options. While the eligibility criteria for such education funds may differ, you can always find something that fits your profile. 

That said, finding a suitable grant opportunity can potentially turn into a ‘needle in a haystack’ situation. Therefore, to help you look in the right direction, we have created a list of 76 Best architecture scholarships to consider in 2023.

Without further ado, let’s get down to business.    

 Best Architecture Scholarships

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  1. PixelPlex Bi-Annual STEM Scholarship

The PixelPlex Bi-Annual Scholarship of $2000 is awarded to deserving students in the field of engineering, science, technology, business, maths, and economics. The students are chosen based on their essay-writing capabilities, and as such, they must meet all criteria listed on the website. 

  1. Kate Neal Kinley Memorial Fellowship

This includes 2 scholarships of up to $20,000 and $9,000. The former is offered to students in architectural design and different art programs. The latter is provided to students from architecture, landscape architecture, or urban and regional planning.   

  1. David W. Lakamp Scholarship Fund

This scholarship is a non-renewable grant of up to $10,000 that can be availed by architecture students of California. Students who have completed 2-years of an undergraduate course are eligible for this scholarship fund.  

  1. AIA /Architects Foundation Diversity Advancement Scholarship

The Diversity Advancement Scholarship is offered by the American Institute of Architects and Architects Foundation to provide financial aid to minority students eager to pursue a career in architecture. Eligibility criteria include U.S. citizenship and a minimum of 3.0 GPA. 

  1. AIA CM Architectural Student Scholarship

The AIA CM Scholarship is awarded to 2 architecture students each academic year, wherein a fund of $500 is credited to the pupil’s college account. Students residing and attending an accredited architecture school in Massachusetts are eligible for the fund.

  1. AIA Chicago Foundation Graduate Diversity Scholarship

This Graduate Scholarship was introduced to increase diversity in the architecture field by funding a fresher or a student attending an architecture college in Chicago. The total grant amount of $10,000 is awarded to the recipient in two installments annually. 

  1. AIA Silicon Valley William R. Hawley Scholarship

This esteemed scholarship is awarded to students currently pursuing an undergraduate or graduate degree, provided they are also a resident of Santa Clara County. However, for undergraduate students to qualify, they must complete 2 years of college work in a relevant major by the end of the academic year.  

  1. APA Judith McManus Price Scholarship

The APA Judith McManus Price Scholarship is meant for women and minority students, who are U.S. citizens, and enrolled in a certified PAB planning program. Therefore, aspirants who want to work as planners in the public sector and are in need of financial help can apply. 

  1. APA Tom Cory Scholarship

This $2000 scholarship is given to students currently pursuing a degree in architecture. To be eligible, they must maintain a minimum of 3.0 GPA throughout the scholarship period. Furthermore, they must be involved in projects directly related to the field. 

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  1. Architects Foundation Jason Pettigrew Memorial ARE Scholarship

This scholarship, in honor of Jason Pettigrew, is awarded to ARE candidates and Associate AIA members. Applicants should have notable achievements in the development and delivery of creative programs for upcoming talent in architecture. 

  1. Arab American Association of Engineers and Architects (AAAEA) Scholarship Program

The AAAEA scholarship is presented to a graduate or undergraduate student in the field of architecture, engineering, or information technology. To be eligible, the student must be a member of the AAAEA or a child of a current member of the organization. 

  1. Architects Foundation Payette Sho-Ping Chin Memorial Academic Scholarship

This prestigious grant of $10,000 is meant for a female student enrolled in a NAAB-accredited undergraduate or graduate program. She should be a promising 3rd or 4the year student with a minimum 3.0 GPA. Also, she should be a U.S. citizen to qualify. 

  1. Association of Women Contractors Scholarship

AWC provides financial aid in terms of scholarship to female professionals pursuing construction-related jobs via academic paths or apprenticeship. In both cases, residence in Minnesota is mandatory, and applicants from architecture engineering, project management, and other relevant fields can apply. 

  1. Architects League of Northern New Jersey Scholarships

This $6000 scholarship can be availed by students who reside and/or attend a NAAB-accredited school in Hudson, Bergen, Passaic, or Sussex counties. Newly enrolled architecture students, current undergraduates, and graduates can apply for this grant. 

  1. Barbara G. Laurie Scholarship Program

The Barbara G. Laurie Scholarship Program is awarded to students who have completed their high school in the Columbia District or the surrounding region and want to pursue an architecture degree. Students joining a technical school or community college may apply. 

  1. BIA Cares High School Scholarship

BIA Cares High School Scholarship was introduced to support high school graduates keen on making a career in the residential and commercial building industry. Only students who have completed their schooling in San Diego County can apply for this financial aid. 

  1. CACP Scholarship

The $2000 Chinese American Construction Professionals Scholarship Program was initiated to recognize and encourage academically brilliant students willing to pursue architecture, design, engineering, or a construction-related career. 

  1. Chicago Roofing Contractors Association Scholarship

The Chicago Roofing Contractors Association awards a financial grant of $4000 in the form of a renewable scholarship to one high school student who’ll join college in August or September. They can enroll in engineering, architecture, business, or a liberal arts program.

  1. CINTAS Foundation Fellowship in Architecture & Design

The CINTAS Foundation Fellowship caters to candidates in the fields of urban design and planning, interior design architectural designs. To be considered for this prestigious grant, applicants must have Cuban citizenship or lineage. 

  1. CIEF Scholarships in Architecture

The CIEF Scholarships in Architecture are available for minority students who demonstrate immense promise in architecture. A maximum of 5 grants is offered to students enrolled in a NAAB-accredited college for a bachelor’s or a master’s program in architecture. 

  1. CMAA Mid-Atlantic Chapter Scholarship

This prestigious scholarship is given to qualified students willing to pursue a full-time degree in construction management or a relevant program. To be eligible for this grant, applicants must have completed 1 academic year and have a full year remaining for the completion of the course. 

  1. Ehrlich Rominger Scholarship

The Ehrlich Rominger Scholarship is a fund created to help students studying to become architects in the future. Applicants must be currently pursuing a college or university architecture program and, as such, a Santa Clara County resident.

  1. Dallas Center for Architecture Foundation – McDermott Traveling Fellowship 

This Fellowship, as the name suggests, is offered to fund traveling studies in architecture. The primary aim of this grant is to research and develop knowledge of the human-made environment. Students in 4th, 5th, 6th year, and recent graduates from an accredited school are deemed eligible.  

  1. Eleanor Allwork Scholarship

The Allwork Scholarship is a prestigious grant that is awarded to help architecture students with genuine financial need. In order to be eligible, one must be nominated by the chairperson or dean of the NAAB-accredited school they’re studying in.  

  1. Fontana Transport Inc. Scholars Program

The Fontana Transport Inc. Scholars Program is a beacon of hope for low-income, marginalized, first-generation college students. Applicants do not necessarily have to be U.S. citizens; however, a minimum 3.5 GPA is a mandatory qualification criterion. 

  1. Galvanize the Future: A Richard L. Brooks Memorial Scholarship 

This $2500 scholarship was introduced to help students defray college tuition. Students enrolled in a college or university (NAAB-accredited) pursuing a full or part-time program in architecture, structural engineering, civil engineering, construction management, and other relevant courses can apply.   

  1. Hopson-Laurent Scholarship

This grant was created to benefit meritorious high school graduates from Choctaw County, Oklahoma. To qualify for this scholarship, students must be enrolled in an accredited institute for a 2 or 4-year undergraduate program in architecture, forestry, or art.

  1. Gensler Diversity Scholarship

This is another excellent scholarship aimed at the underrepresented, minority students enrolled in non-profit, accredited architecture programs. To be considered for this $20,000 grant, applicants should be entering into the final year of their academic course in the upcoming fall.  

  1. IFMA Foundation Scholarship Program

The IFMA scholarship starts from $1500 and goes up to $10,000, and is offered to undergraduates and graduates studying facility management or related courses. The latter encompasses everything from architecture, construction management to interior design. For applicants to be accepted, a minimum 3.2 GPA is mandatory. 

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  1. Jim Boyce Memorial Scholarship

This grant is awarded to students pursuing a degree in civil engineering, architecture, landscape architecture, construction management, or interior design. To qualify, students must have a 2.5 GPA or higher and demonstrate a strong interest in building a career in any of these fields. 

  1. Indianapolis Chapter CSI Education Foundation

This scholarship is primarily meant for students enrolled in a college in Indiana or residing in Indiana and pursuing a degree elsewhere. Anyone studying architecture, interior design, engineering, construction management, and other relevant courses can apply. Candidates must have completed 30 credit hours and a minimum 2.5 GPA. 

  1. Leo and Trinidad Sanchez Scholarship

Students with a Hispanic parent or a Hispanic American lineage, residing in Santa Cruz or Santa Clara County, can avail this scholarship. They can also be a high school graduate, a West Valley College undergraduate or enrolled in an architecture school to avail this fund. 

  1. Melvin Kruger Endowed Scholarship Program

The Melvin Kruger Endowed Scholarship was created for NRCA contractor employees, their spouses, and children (dependent) pursuing a post-secondary degree. The grant recipients are eligible for funds for 4 years of full-time course at an accredited institution of their choice. 

  1. National Association of Women in Construction-Quad City, IL #50

The Quad City 50 offers scholarships to women in the construction and other relevant industries. For that matter, candidates pursuing a career in architecture, interior design, mechanical, structural, electrical engineering, and construction management can apply for this financial aid. 

  1. Plan New Hampshire Scholarship & Fellowship

Plan New Hampshire Scholarship, as the name suggests, is aimed at encouraging students to plan, design, and develop a better built environment. Therefore, students studying architecture, construction management, engineering, fine arts, historic preservation, interior planning, and design can apply for this grant. 

  1. Nellie Martin Carman Scholarship Fund

The Nellie Martin Carman Fund can be availed by public high school seniors from Pierce, Snohomish, and King Counties in Washington. This is a renewable scholarship for a maximum of 4 years, and students should maintain a 3.0 GPA throughout. 

  1. Shade Sail Design Challenge Scholarship

This scholarship is open for college pupils with a keen interest in design, architecture, or engineering, who can build a shade sail structure with standard-sized materials. The grant will be awarded to the students who create a unique design and demonstrate an aptitude for the same. 

  1. Simpson Strong-Tie Company, Inc. Student Scholarship Program

The Simpson Strong-Tie Company has created this unique scholarship program to support architecture, construction management, and structural and civil engineering students. To be considered for this grant, applicants must be enrolled in a full-time undergraduate program at an eligible institution.

  1. The AIA Northeast Illinois Chapter Student Scholarship

The AIA Northeast Illinois Scholarship was established to award 2 grants of $3000 each for every academic year to cover tuition and other school expenses. Students who are U.S. citizens and enrolled in one of the West Central or East Central accredited architecture schools are eligible. 

  1. The Elevating Futures Scholarship Fund

The Elevating Futures Scholarship fund is offered to meritorious Chicago Public School pupils in need of financial assistance to cover post-secondary education costs. This scholarship also includes mentoring programs and career development opportunities to help establish students in the realm of construction and engineering. 

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  1. SOPREMA Scholarship

The SOPREMA Scholarship is a prestigious grant to help undergraduates and graduates currently pursuing engineering, architecture, construction management, or other relevant subjects at a 4-year institute. High school seniors willing to join any of the above courses are also eligible for this grant. 

  1. Steven G. King Play Environments Scholarship

The Steven G. King Scholarship was initiated to recognize promising talent in play environment designing. A grant of $5000 is awarded to a student with demonstrated interest and aptitude in playground and park planning. The applicant should be enrolled in an LAAB or LAAC-accredited program to qualify.

  1. Triangle Scholar-Leader Scholarship

The Triangle Scholar-Leader Scholarship is a merit-based grant meant for freshers and sophomore students currently studying architecture, engineering, or science at Iowa. The ideal candidate should demonstrate academic excellence, leadership skills, zest for learning, and a community mindset. They should also have a 3.0 GPA throughout. 

  1. Wisconsin Architects Foundation Out-of-State Study Scholarship

The Wisconsin Architects Foundation Scholarship is awarded to meritorious Wisconsin students studying outside the state at a CACB or NAAB-accredited architecture school. Applicants must be enrolled in their first postgraduate or professional degree program and should be a high school graduate from the state. 

  1. WACA Fall Scholarships

This scholarship was established to support undergraduate students pursuing architecture, construction engineering, or construction management. Only full-time students enrolled in a California state university or an accredited California institute are eligible for this grant. 

  1. Central PA Architects Foundation Fund Architecture Scholarship

The Central PA Architecture Scholarship is designed to help students from eligible Pennsylvania counties. Students from Cumberlan, Adams, Dauphin, Fulton, Franklin, Juniata, Montour, Lancaster, Northumberland, Lebanon, Perry, York, or Snyder, who are pursuing an architecture degree may apply. 

  1. ASLA Council Of Fellows Scholarship

This esteemed scholarship was introduced to help disadvantaged and underrepresented students in the field of landscape architecture. Each year, one $10,000 and up to three $5000 grants are given to students in need of financial help. To qualify, one must be a U.S. citizen or a lawful resident in the USA. 

  1. Hawaii Chapter/David T. Woolsey Scholarship

This grant can be availed by students in their 3rd, 4th, or 5th-year of undergraduate studies or master’s pupils enrolled in an LAAB-accredited program. To qualify for the scholarship, the applicant must live within the ASLA boundary (Hawaii Chapter) or be a permanent resident of Hawaii. 

  1. Courtland Paul Scholarship

The Courtland Paul Scholarship is a $5,000 grant offered to qualified undergraduates in their final 2 years of coursework, studying in an LAAB-certified school. Eligibility criteria include U.S. citizenship, genuine financial need, and a minimum GPA of ‘C’. This grant is meant to cover tuition costs, books, and supplies within the year of the grant. 

  1. Joseph L. and Vivian E. Steele Architecture Scholarship

This scholarship is granted to students who are former or current residents of eligible Pennsylvania counties. To be considered for this financial support, students should be either in the last 3 years of a Bachelor’s degree in architecture or in an Architecture Master’s program.  

  1. Glenn And Mary Wendler Scholarship

The Glenn And Mary Wendler Scholarship is a humble grant of $500, open for Linn or Iowa County high school graduates keen on pursuing a career in architecture, construction, or engineering. Students with genuine financial need are eligible for this scholarship. 

  1. EDSA Diversity Scholarships

The EDSA Diversity Scholarship was initiated to support African American, Native American, Hispanic, and other minority students to fulfill their academic pursuits in landscape architecture. Applicants must be in their final 2 years of their undergraduate degree or enrolled in a landscape architecture graduate program.

  1. Alabama Student Assistance Program (ASAP)

This is a need-based grant offered to undergraduate students enrolled in eligible Alabama institutions. The grant amount ranges from $300 to $5000 and can be availed by students who are also Alabama residents. To qualify, all applicants must submit the FAFSA document to the federal government. 

Designer hands using graphics tablet while working with computer at studio or office. Top side view.
  1. Alfred T. Granger Student Art Fund Scholarship

This scholarship is meant for students residing in Vermont and pursuing a degree in architecture, interior design, architectural engineering, mechanical drawing, lighting design, or studio art. To be considered for this grant, students should also be attending an accredited institute approved for federal funding. 

  1. Washington American Indian Endowed Scholarship

This particular scholarship is open for financially disadvantaged students with deep-rooted social and cultural connections to any Washington State American Indian community. Students attending public colleges and independent, accredited institutes can apply for this grant. Renewal of funding is not automatic, and applications need to be submitted each year.

  1. Houzz Residential Design Scholarship

Houzz offers multiple scholarships, and this is one of them with a grant amount of $2500. Students currently enrolled in architecture, interior design, or a landscape architecture program, be it at the graduate or undergraduate level, can apply for this funding. 

  1. Oklahoma Chapter Of The American Society Of Landscape Architects Scholarship

This scholarship is awarded to deserving students with an excellent academic record in landscape design or landscape architecture. This grant was rolled out to help cover tuition costs and relevant expenses and is given to students with a minimum of 3.0 GPA and 12 hours of credit. 

  1. Vectorworks Design Scholarship

This is a prestigious design competition where U.S. and international students, both graduates and undergraduates, can participate. To be eligible, one must submit an original project and should be enrolled in a design-oriented program. Round 1 winners will receive $3000 as an education fund. 

  1. BRPH Future Achievers Scholarship

The BRPH Future Achievers Scholarship is awarded to college juniors and sophomores studying architecture or engineering at Kennesaw State University, Tuskegee University, and Florida A&M University. Applicants with a minimum 3.0 GPA are eligible for this grant and, as such, should be U.S. citizens or legal residents of the state. 

  1. Houzz Women In Architecture Scholarship

This scholarship from Houzz is meant for female students pursuing architecture or architecture engineering with an aim to enter the field of residential design. A $2500 grant is given to qualified students at the graduate and undergraduate level to support their education expenses. 

  1. Landscape Forms Design For People Scholarship

The Landscape Forms Design For People Scholarship is a financial grant for U.S. and international students currently in the final year of their undergraduate degree in landscape architecture. Applicants are selected based on their contribution in designing public spaces, that combines landscape features and amenities to boost social interaction.  

  1. ACI James Instruments Student Award For Research On NDT Of Concrete

This is a unique scholarship that is awarded to students for original research work in non-destructive testing of concrete. Applicants attending a degree program at an accredited institute, both at the graduate and undergraduate level, are eligible for this $1500 grant. Students applying should also have an ACI student membership.

  1. NAWIC Founders’ Undergraduate Scholarship

The NAWIC Founders’ Undergraduate Scholarship was initiated in an effort to bring more trained professionals into the construction industry. To be eligible for this grant, applicants should be enrolled in a construction-related course and have at least one semester remaining for completion. 

  1. Advancement of Construction Technology Scholarship at CMCC

This financial aid is offered to students who reside in Maine and are currently studying at the Central Maine Community College. A total of $500 is awarded to qualified students keen on pursuing a career in building construction, architectural/engineering technologies, or mechanical drafting. 

  1. Joseph Stein Scholarship Fund

The Joseph Stein Scholarship Fund is available for graduate and undergraduate U.S. students residing in the Connecticut Community Foundation service area. Only students pursuing a career in architecture with a GPA of ‘B-‘ or higher are eligible for this fund. 

A 7
  1. Dietz & Company Architects Scholarship Fund

This prestigious scholarship is given annually to students from Hamden, Franklin, and Hampshire counties. Architecture majors with an excellent academic record are eligible for this $8000 scholarship. However, preference will be given to students who have completed their undergraduate studies and are enrolled in a graduate course. 

  1. David Jagaciewski Scholarship Fund

This fund is given to eligible high school seniors from Poughkeepsie High School, New York. To be considered for this grant, applicants should pursue a degree and career in architecture, engineering, interior designing, landscape architecture, arts, family, or consumer science. This is a non-renewable scholarship of $1000 awarded to promising talents. 

  1. Concrete Reinforcing Steel Institute Undergraduate Scholarship

This undergraduate scholarship can be availed by students who are majoring in construction, civil or architectural engineering, with an aim to work with reinforced concrete. Eligibility criteria include U.S. citizenship and a GPA of 3.25 or higher. This is a $3000, non-renewable grant given to the best candidates. 

  1. Associated General Contractors Of Vermont Scholarship

The Associated General Contractors Of Vermont Scholarship is offered to students residing in Vermont seeking education or hands-on training in construction or related fields. High school seniors, graduates, or students enrolled in undergraduate or graduate courses with genuine financial needs may apply for this grant. 

  1. Leland R. Dahlgren Scholarship Fund

This scholarship fund was initiated to financially support high school graduates from Yarmouth District High School and Washburn District High School in Maine. Students who will be attending a 2 or 4-year course in a building or construction-related program can apply for this grant. 

  1. AIGA Worldstudio AIGA Scholarship

The AIGA Worldstudio Scholarship was introduced to help financially disadvantaged and underrepresented students enrolled in design, illustration, and photography courses. This grant is aimed at promoting social and environmental consciousness and cultural appreciation among next-generation designers and artists.

  1. LEAF Scholarship

The LEAF Scholarship is given to students currently enrolled in a landscape-related degree course. The ideal candidate should be taking at least 6 credits to be eligible for this grant. Students attending an accredited community college or state university in California can apply for this scholarship.  

  1. MRCA Foundation Scholarship Award

To qualify for the MRCA Foundation Scholarship Award, applicants should be undergraduate or graduate pupils attending an accredited institute to pursue a career in the field of construction. As such, students from eligible universities, colleges, vocational or trade schools can contest for this award. 

  1. FFGC Scholarship

The FFGC Scholarship is available for high school graduates, as well as undergraduate and graduate students, pursuing a degree in landscape design/architecture, city planning, forestry, ecology, horticulture, or agriculture. Only students residing and attending a college in Florida with a minimum GPA of 3.0 are eligible. 

  1. Asian American Architects and Engineers Foundation Scholarship

This scholarship was rolled out to help Asian American students pursuing a full-time degree in architecture, engineering, or construction. Students who have demonstrated involvement and contribution towards the Asian-Pacific Islander community are eligible for this grant. 

  1. The Fence Authority Scholarship Program

The Fence Authority Scholarship Program is open to high school graduates and undergraduates currently studying or accepted in an accredited college. To be deemed eligible, applicants must pursue a degree in architecture, civil engineering, landscape architecture, urban and land planning, environmental design, or marine sciences.  

Final Words

That’s all from us. 

With this, we hope you have enough information to go about and find an architecture scholarship where you can apply. However, make sure to apply for multiple grants as you’d want to maximize your opportunities.  

Also, most of these scholarships require applicants to submit one or more essays on relevant topics. So, make sure to brush up on your language skills before submission. That said, you can always get fast and reliable help from an essay writing service with professional academic writers to make things easier on your part. So, just go ahead and get started on your architecture journey, and we’re sure you’ll build a bright future ahead.  

Bye for now. 


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