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Art Nouveau, which began around the 1890s and continued till the start of World War I, was once an international style.

Not only was it outstandingly extraordinary, but it also went against more eclectic styles rooted in history. While these had previously been popular, Art Nouveau upset the status quo by drawing inspiration from the many geometrical forms and the natural world. 

Ultimately, it became an integral part of everyone’s lives. This modern style of art began to flourish truly at the dawn of the 20th century and gained the moniker of Art Nouveau or new art. With the advent of industrialization and corresponding mass manufacture, the style spread further.

This style brought forth the idea of art in the age of mechanical reproduction. Thus, craftsmanship and unique designs were championed. Combining elegant style and artistic freedom, Art Nouveau doors are almost like portals to a different world. 

Here, we’ve compiled a list of some of the best Art Nouveau doors, so let us jump into them without delay.  

Art Nouveau Doors Collection

History of Art Nouveau 

Like many creative ventures, Art Nouveau started in France. Paris saw such work cropping up to a large extent, and this polarized the viewers. Some enjoyed the idea of challenging conventions, while others despised the modern approach and longed to embrace tradition. 

However, the style did extremely well in Paris, and some remnants are visible to this day. While Paris might have taken the limelight to some extent, it is actually Brussels that has the honor of being the Art Nouveau capital of the world. 

It is filled with architectural wonders, and one merely has to go to the city center to enjoy the splendid buildings. Even after so much time has elapsed, these buildings still retain an avant-garde look. 

From France, Art Nouveau became fashionable in several European cities, including Vienna, Barcelona, Munich, Turin, and Glasgow. In fact, it reached up to Scandinavia, influencing modern Scandinavian architecture as well. Its marks can also be felt in Helsinki, which was going through changes at the turn of the century. 

It was only a matter of time until the movement crossed the Atlantic, where it was welcomed in the USA with open arms. But, once the war started, the craze started fading, until Art Nouveau went out of mainstream style. 

Top Art Nouveau Doors 

  1. Floral Patterned Art Nouveau Doorway 

Image 1 design by ernest blerot brussels. Author steve cadman. Cc by sa 2. 0.
Design by Ernest Blerot, Brussels. Author Steve Cadman. CC BY-SA 2.0.

Located in Brussels, this doorway becomes immediately distinct because the rich woodwork is emphasized by the exquisite floral design. The windowpane is protected and enhanced thanks to the sprawling pattern, which matches the artwork above the door as well. Overall, despite being a narrow entryway, it remains a distinctive one. 

  1. Tree Patterned Blue Doorway 

Image 2 france. Author jean pierre dalbera. Cc by 2. 0.
France. Author Jean-Pierre Dalbéra. CC BY 2.0.

Colorful exteriors are an indispensable part of Art Nouveau doorways. They’re marked by customized designs, which are often inspired by nature. With a striking blue shade and an elaborate tree-like frame, this patterned doorway stands out even among other French entryways. The frosted glass window just adds a degree of mystery to this enchanting entrance. 

  1. Olive Green Art Nouveau Doorway 

Image 3 author sloopriggedskiff. Cc by 2. 0.
Author SloopRiggedSkiff. CC BY 2.0.

The elongated green doorway might not look like much, but there is beauty in its simplicity. The design is appealing in its minimalism, and the bright hue is a definite eyecatcher. During a time when people used to have a lot of frills in the entryway, this door goes in another direction and focuses solely on utility. 

  1. Arched Art Nouveau Doorway

Image 4 carcassonne france. Author stephanie watson. Cc by 2. 0 1
Carcassonne, France. Author Stephanie Watson. CC BY 2.0 (1)

While some doorways might choose to embrace utility, this arched marble doorway is immediately recognizable for its elegance. There are exquisite patterns on either side, and the balcony on top is a definite eyecatcher. It adorns the structure like a crown and is aptly designed with an adequate amount of luxury. 

  1. Art Nouveau Masterpiece 

Image 5 carcassonne france. Author stephanie watson. Cc by 2. 0 2
Carcassonne, France. Author Stephanie Watson. CC BY 2.0 (2)

This doorway seems to capture a degree of royal splendor. The rich dark wooden entryway is sufficiently nestled in the lap of an elaborate design on the facade of the building. Since great care has gone into the patterns, it becomes all the more evident where it is highlighted by the dainty window overhead. 

  1. Art Nouveau Style Chemist Shop Doorway 

Image 6 author ian parkes. Cc by 2. 0 1
Author Ian Parkes. CC BY 2.0 (1)

Even a place of business like a chemist shop can seem like a dreamland if it has the right entrance. Thanks to the Art Nouveau doorway, this entry point is sure to catch the eye. In fact, it is a great way to attract people to the business. 

With a unique shade of green and an extremely intricate design, this doorway could be out of a dream. It has got adequate window space, so those passing by can look in and see the shop. The extended grilled area matches excellently with the aesthetic of the entrance.  

  1. Doorway With Pillared Facade 

Image 7 author ian parkes. Cc by 2. 0 2
Author Ian Parkes. CC BY 2.0 (2)

The imposing facade is a marker of some Art Nouveau doorways, like this one, which you can see in Helsinki. It is pushed a little into the building, so there is a dark archway you have to pass through. Naturally, this is apt for addresses that desire a little bit of privacy and exclusivity. 

Accordingly, there is a no-nonsense design and a somber color in the doorway. The pillars at the side add a degree of majestic feel and make sure that the entrance is memorable. 

  1. Doorway With Moon Shaped Pane 

Image 8 doorway c 1904 brussels. Author steve cadman. Cc by sa 2. 0.
Doorway, c (1904), Brussels. Author Steve Cadman. CC BY-SA 2.0.

Among some of the unique designs, this one stands out in particular. It plays with the entire frame of the doorway, doing away with the traditional elongated structures we’ve seen. Instead, here the door blossoms out to a circular shape, and the panes make it seem like a moon hovering on top.

The color is muted but at the same time eye-catching, and the facade matches the rustic but stylish aesthetic of the entrance. 

  1. Peacock Carved Art Nouveau Doorway 

Image 9 author sandra cohen rose and colin rose. Cc by sa 2. 0.
Author Sandra Cohen-Rose and Colin Rose. CC BY-SA 2.0.

Once the style reached the US, the Americans took it to a wholly different level. Here, in the peacock-inspired doorway in Chicago, the level of detailing is mind-boggling. Each side of the door is adorned with a peacock and some intricate designs on metal. 

This protects the glass pane of the door while giving the entire entrance a royal and secure feeling. 

  1. Decorative Doorway With Facade 

Image 10 doorway no. 29 avenue rapp 1901 paris by jules lavirotte. Author steve cadman. Cc by sa 2. 0.
Doorway, No. 29 Avenue Rapp (1901), Paris, by Jules Lavirotte. Author Steve Cadman. CC BY-SA 2.0.

Nobody quite captures the individual beauty of these doorways like the ones in Paris. Here, the rich dark wood is crafted in a manner that the frames are highlighted excellently. On top of that, the entire structure is made more clear with the intricate work all around it. 

The pattern moves upwards, where it is marked with a head engraving on the facade. Not only is this an eyecatcher, but it also speaks of a degree of artistic opulence that sets such entryways apart. 

  1. Wooden Doorway With Overhead Shade 

Image 11 kindergarten 40 rue saint ghislain 1895 9 brussels by victor horta. Author steve cadman. Cc by sa 2. 0.
Kindergarten, 40 rue Saint-Ghislain (1895-9), Brussels, by Victor Horta. Author Steve Cadman. CC BY-SA 2.0.

Simplicity is championed in this wooden doorway, which has an extremely minimalist design. There is nothing extra about it, not even panes; it simply speaks of steady and reliable professionalism. 

The actual touch comes in the intricate shade above the door. It is well-patterned and happens to be as useful as it is beautiful. 

  1. Green Doorway With Golden Arch 

Image 12 pontefract museum built in 1904 by george pennington in an art nouveau style. Author love art nouveau. Cc by 2. 0.
Pontefract Museum, built in 1904 by George Pennington in an Art Nouveau style. Author Love Art Nouveau. CC BY 2.0.

As an entrance, this door stands out due to the color combination. The green goes well with the golden arch that spreads over it. While it does have a degree of richness in appearance, it never seems too opulent. 

The arch is also embroidered with flowers to show the degree of careful craftsmanship that has gone into the installation. The pattern on the door, with the round shape, gives it a quaint look, which is bound to be an eye-catcher. 

  1. Blue Art Nouveau Doorway With Embroidered Entrance 

Image 13 lentree du 5 rue schoelcher paris. Author jean pierre dalbera cc by 20
Lentree du 5 rue Schoelcher, Paris. Author Jean-Pierre Dalbera CC BY 20

The blue metal in the doorway adds a degree of brightness that is well contrasted with the yellow patterned work all around it. Careful design ensures that it seems as if the frame is made of some fabric or perhaps jute. 

At the same time, the intricate way the metal is twisted in the door itself makes it stand out due to the wonderful shapes it forms.  

Now that you’re familiar with some of the best Art Nouveau styles, you can see that they often include steel windows and doors. These Art Nouveau doors are truly crafted in unique fashions, often encompassing elaborate designs. 

They reflect the vision of the artist and remain relatable by including everyday shapes and structures. Naturally, Art Nouveau doors aren’t normally included in architectural plans anymore, but some eclectic individuals might wish to harken back to an old style. After all, in its heyday, the trend was incorporated in almost every building, and these markers are looked upon with fondness even today. 

Using a wide variety of materials, and sometimes resorting to bright colors, these installations set themselves apart from the run-of-the-mill. And automatically leads to a degree of curiosity to find out what’s happening on the other side of the door. 

That’s all about Art Nouveau for now. Till next time! 

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