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Arka joined the Architecture Lab team in 2017 with Anton, and ever since, the content output of Architecture Lab grew in quality and quantity to a complete new level. Arka’s main responsibility is fact-checking, all articles being carefully analyzed by him before going live.


  • Arka joined Architecture Lab in 2017
  • Co-Founder of Writer Shark
  • Arka has written about home improvement and design previously on Homesthetics and


Arka’s career in the architecture and design field started in 2015 as a guest contributor for Soon after he joined as design editor and in 2017 his experience brought him to Architecture Lab as lead editor.

In his free time Arka balances design with his passion for dark humor and his currently working on his one animated short film that will surely make the world stop in its tracks.


Arka graduated from BIT Mesra Computer Sciences and holds an English Bachelor’s Degree from St. Xavier’s College

TITLE | Lead Editor of Architecture Lab

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Arka Bhowmik

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Want to experience the luxury of living in the heart of Miami? Look no further, as The Perigon Condos is set to enthrall the cityscape in 2025.
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The Perigon Condos in Miami

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Besides being a dream destination among travelers, Miami is considered an ideal permanent living option among young professionals. After all, the city is a melting pot of different cultures that boasts unmatched nightlife and near-perfect weather all year round. And while the high cost of living may pinch your budget, the luxury and convenience of …

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Condos Vs House | All You Need to Know

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A condo might sound like a good deal among expensive properties but keep in mind that condos are difficult to resell. Despite the cheaper rates, minimum maintenance costs and great amenities, condos have a small buyers market, making the property less desirable and harder to sell at the desired price point.  With skyrocketing property rates, …

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